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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 6, 2018

Imagine the world around you was completely devoid of colors. That wouldn't be much fun, am I right? Colors just make things look a lot nicer. But what if an evil force was trying to take away all colors in the entire world? Wouldn't you do your very best to try to set things right again? Even if you were only a little blob?

The original game De Blob was created by a group of Dutch students as a graduation project. The city in the game is based on a futuristic version of the Dutch city Utrecht. The city of Utrecht was so proud and honored by this fact, that they took the protagonist of the game and made him their official mascot, how cool is that? What became of the students, I hear you ask? Well, most of them are still creating games and you might know them as Ronimo Games, an independent game development studio who already brought us games like Swords and Soldiers and Awesomenauts. The game De Blob and its rights are in possession of THQ Nordic nowadays and that's why we're are able to enjoy all this color and paint fun once again on two of our current generation consoles.

As I've already mentioned, De Blob is all about colors. The evil force is called Comrade Black and he is back and want to take away all colors and make things colorless and inky again. We can't let that happen, so Blob is here to save the day. Together with Pinky, a pink and temperamental floating creature, they come up with a master plan to drive Comrade Black out of the once happy and colorful Prisma city!

Now, how would one go about accomplishing this? Well, Blob can absorb paint in several colors by jumping into a paint pool or standing in a paint geyser. After filling up on colorful goodness, he can go about the business at hand. By touching building, objects and creatures, he will automatically paint them, chasing the grayness out of the world one piece at a time. During the game you can collect different graphic styles, so your painting will become more and more beautiful as you progress through the game. It will, however, also become increasingly difficult to find and reach all buildings in a certain area. If you want to get a 100% score for that level, you have got your work cut out for you. Aside from that, Comrade Black has send out his most evil and merciless creatures into the world, to thwart your mission.

If Blob has absorbed a certain color and he falls into water, the color washes off and you'll have to search for another paint pool. The water won't harm you, it just rinses the paint off. But beware of ink pools. Blob get poisoned by ink so, if you accidentally fall into an ink pool, make your way into the water pools as quick as you can, or else Blob will die! Although ink is really not good for you, I do love the sound that Blob makes, when he falls into the ink. It's just super cute!

This remaster of Blob 2 is exactly what a good remaster should be: The game that you love in a new, better and brighter jacket. Every feature is in it; the magnetic Wrecking Ball allows Blob to roll up metal surfaces, sink underwater, and destroy any enemy easily; the Hazmat Suit protects Blob from any passive hazards such an ink and hotplates; the Graviton Bomb temporarily transforms Blob into a devastating black hole; the Re-Gen constantly replenishes Blob's paint points; and the Rainbow gives Blob infinite paint points and gives him the use of all seven colors at once. And, of course, the option to play this game in split-screen mode with a friend is also present!

I like how the game is attractive and fun to play for kids, who will love the funny looking Blob and his friends. You can easily follow the story line, without completing the additional challenges. For the players among us, who like to complete a game 100%, there is also enough to discover and tasks to fulfill. Adults will also recognize some similarities with a certain dictator of the past as they see Comrade Black and everyone gets the message that we all can enjoy the world and have fun with each other, no matter which color anything or anyone has.

Last year, De Blob 2 was remastered and released for PC and this year De Blob 2 is finally out for PS4 and Xbox One. So bring out your paint buckets, choose your favorite color and splash around to your hearts content!

available on:

Blue Tongue Entertainment & THQ Nordic
February 27, 2018 (PS4 / Xbox One)
June 22, 2017 (PC)