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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 28, 2016

Last August (yes, 2015) I started a beautiful adventure called Blues and Bullets. In August 2015, the first of five episodes of this epic noir adventure was launched and I absolutely adored! But, as is often the case when playing episodic games, my adventure ended with a catchy cliffhanger. So you can imagine that I was very curious to see what happens next.

The developers at A Crowd of Monsters know how to increase tension, because they kept me waiting for more than six months. Well, not only me of course, and I’m quite sure they didn’t do it on purpose. But on March 8th, the wait was over and I could finally continue my adventure with episode two of Blues and Bullets. Did you miss my review of the first episode? It’s awesome, so make sure you read it here.

In Blues and Bullets, you play as Eliot Ness, the detective who was responsible for the capture of Al Capone. Twenty years later, Eliot has retired from law enforcement and now runs a nice little diner called Blues and Bullets (How’s that for a business plan?!) His nemesis Al Capone, has been released from prison and is in need of the aid of a detective. He only wants the best, so naturally he thinks of the one guy that was able to catch him. Capone’s granddaughter has been kidnapped and he wants Eliot to find her. Most of the time, you’ll play Eliot Ness, but sometimes the story will put you in Al Capone’s granddaughter’s shoes, where you’ll witness firsthand the mess she is in.

Over the course of the second episode, we’ll get to know Eliot a lot better. What has happened between him and his colleague’s wife Delphine (she asked, knowingly…) Why does he look back at his time as a detective with heavy heart? Why was he drunk, the night he caught Capone? These past events can help you on your way during this brand new part of your adventure. And, as always, you’ll have a saying in the course of said events. Will you choose to be diplomatic during a discussion with Delphine or will you just piss her off and get het off your case?

During the last episode, Eliot worked together with Milton (a man under the employ of Capone) and Alice (a talented police officer and friend of Eliot). In this episode, we’re going see a lot of Milton and Eliot working together. So we’ll get to know Milton a little bit better and witness the uneasy alliance between the two men turn into a kind of friendship. Also, Alice will be mentioned in this episode, when Eliot calls her someone who he admires. Even Capone himself will appear and work together with our hero. And yes, the talented people at A Crowd of Monsters can imagine that we all would like to play Al Capone at least once in our lives, so for a minute, this dream will come true. (if you make the right decision, that is...)

This second episode has a bit more drama and gore in it. I guess the first episode was a nice first look at what is going on in Blues and Bullets and a very good precursor to things that are going to happen in this episodes. To be honest, there were a couple of “Oh my gods” involved. I don’t yet know the complete story of Blues and Bullets of course, but it’s more than “an evil villain that kidnapped some hotshots’ granddaughter”. And the short scenes about Capone’s granddaughter, will have you sitting at edge of your seats. But alas, before you know it, episode two comes to an end and you’ll be forced to open up a brand new can of patience and anxiously wait for the next episode of this awesome game.

There are no two ways about it; I absolutely love Blues and Bullets! A Crowd of Monsters has done a remarkable job on this game. The noir style of the game, combined with some nice red highlights look absolutely stunning and is perfect for this episodic adventure. Exactly the right dose of tension and sensation is mixed in with the games’ really well-written story and cool characters and great voice acting complete the picture. I love it when a plan comes together, and I can’t wait for episode three to be released!

available on:

A Crowd of Monsters
March 8, 2016 (PC)
April 5, 2016 (XBox One)
unconfirmed (PS4)