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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 30, 2016

How exciting would it be to be stranded on a whole non discovered planet? Nobody knows where you are; youíll have all the time to yourself... Alone... no one out there... ehm... blast!

Well, you can discover what this is like, luckily in the comfort of your own home, with the latest game by Drama Drifters and Nkidu Games: Breached. In this sci-fi exploration adventure, you wake up from your cryogenic sleep on a uncharted planet. The screen inside of your cryo-chamber tells you that the shelter you are in is badly damaged and you only have oxygen left for about eight days... eight days?! Realizing the last thing you want to do is die, you set out to beat the odds and make damn sure you can hold out much, much longer.

Every day spent on the strange planet is made up out of a couple of activities. Each morning, you start your day by reading a journal log of the astronaut. As we can probably imagine and can certainly understand, heís not very happy about his current predicament. The logís text usually contains a couple of highlighted words. If there are more than one highlighted words in a paragraph, youíll have to choose one of them and click on it. When you do, the log continues, showing additional information about the subject you just chose.

To survive beyond the measly eight days youíve been given, youíll need to gather certain resources in order to craft items that help you survive. Unfortunately, there are no supermarkets or shops that deliver at home out there, so youíll need to travel across the planet and get them yourself. I personally think this is the absolute coolest part of the game; visiting certain areas and look for supplies in your vehicle. And, not to sound greedy or anything, I would really like to have one of these vehicles myself! Itís a very cozy capsule that floats smoothly over the ground and controlling it is very easy!

Besides the minerals you need to synthesize items or even oxygen, you can also find capsules which contain a blueprint to craft awesome certain object that make your wandering life in space a lot easier, so make sure you donít miss out on them! While exploring an area, you also have to be careful, because there are glowing orbs floating around. They disturb your magnetic field or heat up your vehicleís engine too much. And trust me, you wouldnít want to be caught without a vehicle on this planet. Once youíve gathered enough supplies, itís time to head back to your base.

Once you have returned to your damaged domicile, it is time for the last item on your daily to-do-list: visiting your lab. Here, you can unpack the capsules you found and craft new stuff to ensure your survival. After crafting the necessary items, thereís nothing left to do but go to sleep and wait for a new day.

I personally think Breached is a really well thought out game; the simplicity of the basic gameplay and the easy-going pacing make it a good game to play. It balances tactical approach to problems with expansive exploration and crafting options. Your energy is limited, especially in space, when you have an oxygen problem. Visiting areas and gathering supplies cost energy, so depending on how much energy you have left after the exploring phase, you can work in your lab. You could also choose to craft items the following day, but will you have enough energy left then? Itís anybodyís guess, and that is what makes Breached so exciting. For once, itís not the giant explosions or monstrous enemies that define the excitement of the game, but the silent passing of time and your slowly depleting oxygen supply, which runs out like sand in an hourglass. And the most important question remains; After eight days, will you be able to survive?

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Drama Drifters & Nkidu Games
June 22, 2016