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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee & Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on March 14, 2016

BROFORCE!! Do I need to say more? Well actually I do, because otherwise this review would be very short and pointless and we can have that. This month, Broforce is one of the free games for PS Plus members, so me and my bro Michael ďMagic MikeĒ Dumee joined forces and started shooting at everything and everyone in this great, mighty and awesome game!

Magic Mike already knew this game because he played it when the PC and Mac versions hit stores around the world in October last year. He told me about this game called Broforce and its awesome characterscast of awesome characters. When you play Broforce, you get choose from cool characters like (but not limited to): Bronan the Brobarian (Conan the Barbarian), Mister Anderbro (Mister Anderson from the Matrix) and Rambro (Rambo); ok, you get the idea, right? So when Broforce was released for PS4 on March 1 of this year he finally persuaded me to join him on this quest of epic characters and glorious victories. And I can only say: Iím very glad he did!

For those of you who have never played the game; Broforce is a side scrolling run-and-gun platform game, born out of the love for the action movies from the 1980s and 1990s. It basically comes down to shooting everything and everyone that stands in your way. Each level, youíll have to fight off a number of terrorists and save your bro teammates. The level ends when you defeat the boss and hoist your flag on top of the levelís smoking remains. After you do this, a helicopter picks you up and you can enjoy the view while the scenery explodes.

The whole game has a nice 8 bit look to it, but the gameís controls and general gameplay are as smooth and excellent as any modern game out there, so thatís a big plus! Broforce is easy to master; just keep running and shoot everything that doesnít belong to your team. But completing the levels during a complete chaos of blowing up barrels, killing enemies and saving your own ass is a bit harder than you might think. Over the course of a level, youíll switch character quite a couple of times. Because every character has his own type of weapon, one second youíre a bro throwing dynamite at your opponents, while the next, youíll need to get up-close and personal because youíll be another bro altogether and wielding a katana.

Of course, Broforce is a great game to play by yourself, but didnít earn its name by being purely singleplayer. I mean come on; it isnít called Broforce for nothing! And what could be more fun than having one bro wreaking havoc on-screen? Yep, youíve guessed it: multiple bros, wreaking even more havoc. So if you really want to have fun you should definitely try to play online. You can join other players online, or team up with your friends. Or in my case, my brother! And I must say, the game really comes into its own when youíre playing in multiplayer mode; bullets whizzing about, explosions everywhere and a team of bros, all working together or against each other. And yes, you could say itís kind of a complete chaos, but itís also incredibly fun! If you team up with other players, you can either help or thwart each other. If your character dies, another player can bring you back to the game by saving a caged teammate. The dead player will then respawn as the newly rescued character.

The levels are designed in such a way that lets you destroy almost everything around you. So, if a big enemy stands in your way, you can either attack him or choose to shoot the ground beneath him, causing it to collapse and fall off-screen, taking your enemy with it. By the way, this is also an excellent way to get rid of an annoying team member. Mmwhoohaha!

Broforce is one of those games that are most definitely worth your time. Itís an awesome experience, especially when you play online co-op! I love everything about this game: the gameplay, the art-style, the soundtrack. But, if there was one feature I had to choose as my favorite, it would be the awesome cast of characters you can play! Magic Mike and I are signing off now; weíre going to shoot some more evil bastards and save some more bros... Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker! (yes, Die Hardís John Maclane is also in this game)

available on:

Free Lives & Devolver Digital
October 15, 2015 (PC/Mac)
October 17, 2015 (Linux)
March 1, 2016 (PS4)