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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 17, 2018

The very first time I played Broforce was around March 2016, when it was one of the free PlayStation Plus games of that month. I played it together with my brother, Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee. I had never heard of the game before then and Mike suggested to play this game, because he thought it was awesome. And I must admit that he was right!

Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams came home from his band practice that particular night and could hear me screaming and laughing, even before he actually opened the door to our apartment. So I think it's safe to say Mike and I were having a blast while playing this game together. Back then, we played the game on the PS4 and now it's time for all the Nintendo Switch owners to learn about the action-fueled awesomeness that is Broforce!

Broforce is a side-scrolling run-and-gun platform video game developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. The player takes the role of a Bro; a hyper-masculine action hero-style commando, who fights terrorists and rescues his bro teammates and other prisoners of war from captivity. Each Bro has their own attack and special attack, so no two Bros are alike! If you saw many 80's and 90's action movies or TV series, you might recognize most, if not all, of these bro characters. So, you might heard of the Die Hard movies and its protagonist John McClane who, in Broforce, goes by the name of Bro Hard. Or Conan the Barbarian, who in Broforce becomes Bronan the Bronarian.

These awesome Bros have one single purpose; eliminate every threat to the free world, blowing half of said world up in the process. The aim of pretty much each level is to reach the exit, where a devil-like guy in a three-piece suit must be eradicated before you can be picked up by a helicopter. Simple, isn't it? Well, seeing as how things start exploding and armies of bad guys are trying to kill you within seconds of starting a level, this might not be as simple as you've imagined! Add a couple of awesome bosses to the mix and you've got the perfect recipe for an explosive and truly challenging experience!

Now, some two-and-a-half years after I first tried it, I've played Broforce game so many times; we even use it during our game events and I just love watching groups of four people having a blast with it. Broforce is meant be played coop multiplayer, because that's where the real chaos starts. This mayhem is exactly what makes this game an truly fun experience that you will never forget. But I have to say, for this review I played the game in single player mode, which is also tons of fun! It's cool that you don't have to pay attention to what the other players are doing or are constantly trying to avoid the explosions they cause. Just completing these Broforce missions by yourself makes for totally different experience, which feels more like a Mario game. If Mario had big guns, lots of terrorists and a host of bad-ass characters to play, that is.

But okay, granted, the majority of the fun that is to be had while playing Broforce, comes from playing the game together with a bunch of friends and literally having a blast! You can play the story mode, but if you don't want to play coop with your friends, there is also a Death Match, which might even be more chaotic then playing the story mode. As with the story mode, up to four players can join this Death Match and the goal is to kill the other players as many times as possible within the time limit. Note that if you get hit, you will enter the stage again, but now as another Bro. Plus, the bottom of the level will drop from time to time, constantly changing the look of the level. Talking about a challenging Death Match!

I simply love the art style of Broforce! The game is made in a 16-bit pixel style, which totally fits the 80's/90's feeling. Practically everything in the levels can be destroyed; you can shoot your way through the earth if you like and there are several flammable and explosive canisters for you to use to your advantage. The most outstanding element of this game must be the thundering voice that introduces the new Bros and the special enemies to the player. Try to picture someone shouting out "Robrocop" in a really loud voice, triple the loudness and now you might have a broad idea of how this narrator guy shout out the names.

The Nintendo Switch release of Broforce does not contain any special content, and why should it?! Just like previous releases on PC and PS4, you have the possibility to get your hands on the most action filled game out there. And whether you play alone or with friends, in coop or against each other, you will have one hell of a good time! The drop-in, drop-out system makes it easy for additional players to join or quit the game, without the need to restart the entire thing. I'm very happy to see this game made available for Nintendo Switch, so I have yet another way, apart from PC and PS4, to kick some serious ass!

available on:

Free Lives & Devolver Digital
September 6, 2018 (Nintendo Switch)
March 1, 2016 (PS4)
October 15, 2015 (PC/Mac)
October 17, 2015 (Linux)