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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 6, 2017

The year draws to a close so, naturally, it's time for a new Call of Duty game. Many people called this part the return to the original series, because it returns to where the series began: World War II. No Exo suits, no wall running or double jumps. Only you, your team and the single-most deadly conflict the world has ever seen.

War is no joke and the developers have some excellent moments in the game to make that perfectly clear. The intro shows only a couple of lines about this particular war and the victims it has made. Without making things far more emotional than they need to be, they immediately set the right mood. I think intense is the right word and I love the way the developers chose to introduce this subject to the public.

The player takes the role of young soldier Red Daniels. He is one of the many soldiers that are about to storm the beaches at Normandy. We meet Red and his comrades during their tense boat ride to their designated beach. The men are doing what we might expect of young men who are sent into war for the first time; they hide their anxiety by telling each other manly stories and try to lighten the mood somewhat with jokes and stupid remarks.

Call of Duty: WWII starts at D-Day on the beaches of Normandy and from there we follow Red's company all the way to the last surviving bridge over the river Rhine. Each mission, the guys will need to work together if they want to have any hope of survival. You and your team members, Zussman, Stiles and Aeillo, are led by lieutenant Turner and sergeant Pierson. Everyone has their own task in the team, which you can use in your advantage during the game. Zussman can provide you with medkits while Turner can supply you with additional ammo.

Now, you might think that this makes the game overly easy. Well, you could do that, but you would also be wrong! You will have to defeat enemies in order for these Squad abilities to be made available. So, the better you are at smiting the enemy, the sooner you can restock on ammo and medkits. Of course, these items can also be found throughout the levels, but it is great to have an extra way to get the things you need when you're in a jam. Especially when you're in a trench and the enemy is shooting at you from every direction, these Squad abilities come in extremely handy from time to time. Besides ammo and medkits, other member of the squad can provide grenades, call in mortar strikes or spot enemies and reveal their position in form of silhouettes. And while this is also very nice to have, I must say that I only used medkits and ammo most of the time.

The story of this group is all about working together, trust and brotherhood. Among the young soldiers that is no problem and they all like their CO, lieutenant Turner. Their second in command, Sergeant Pierson, is less loved; he is a pragmatic, direct and his focus is always the mission. That kind of behavior always causes friction, right? Either way, notwithstanding the serious tone of the game, I do have to say that I laughed out loud a couple of times, because of the way Sergeant Pierson reacts sometimes or how the squad responds to him.

And what would a game be without things to collect or achieve? Well, Call of Duty: WWII is no exception in this respect. During your missions you can collect memento's; small objects lying around the environments that add a little bit of background information on the subject matter. I hate to admit it, but I had a really hard time finding them. There are thirty three memento's in total and I managed to collect only ten of them. On to the achievement part of the game: Heroic Actions. Each mission has a set number of these actions for you to complete. Keep an eye out for soldiers who need your help. They may be in the process of being attacked by an enemy soldier and can be saved if you kill the enemy within the time limit. They can also be wounded, in which case you will have to drag them to safety before they die without, of course, being riddled by bullets yourself.

During certain missions, you'll even get to fly an airplane, drive a tank or perform a high speed chase in a jeep. There was one mission with the jeep in particular which was totally brilliant! Fasten your seatbelts whenever you'll need to save the Charlie Company, because that's going to be a bumpy ride. It's a suicide mission! When you play the game for yourselves, you'll know what I'm talking about. For me, this mission alone is already reason enough to play the game. It's fast, it's furious, it's awesome!

Call of Duty: WWII offers you a great action-filled story and manages to get an important message across with balance. After completing the single player campaign you can join the fight in the multiplayer mode. You are randomly assigned to either the Allies or Axis side and will have to fight for survival. Or you can shoot zombie Nazis in the separate, alternate reality, coop campaign, Nazi Zombies. And if you like to play with a friend who's visiting you in real life, you can enter local coop mode and enjoy the multiplayer or Nazi Zombie mode together. So yes, the developers really thought of everything! Call of Duty: WWII is definitely one of those games that you really do not want to miss. Or as Sergeant Pierson would say: "No Sacrifice Too Great. Now shut up, finish this mission and don't f**king die!"

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November 3, 2017