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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 16, 2018

It's been almost four years since Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was released for the Nintendo Wii U. The game originated as a mini game in Super Mario 3D World, but it has since grown into a successful franchise in its own right. No wonder Captain Toad is back as a port for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. And the best news is that it comes with some awesome extras!

During the intro of this action puzzle game we are immediately confronted with a, to say the least, huge problem! Toad and Toadette are about to claim the big golden power star, but a big bird named Wingo enters the stage and steals the star! And, on top of it all, Toadette is also kidnapped by this winged villain. It's up to Captain Toad to bring back the star and Toadette. And so, a great adventure begins, in which more than fifty levels of platform puzzle fun await you!

The goal of each level is to collect the diamonds and reach the golden star. Every level also has an extra challenge, which will be different for each level. Sometimes it focuses on hidden treasures while, at other times, it may be something like not taking damage for the entire level. Solving the puzzle and collecting all the treasure will become increasingly more difficult with each new level. Take a good look around at the start of each stage and maybe you can already locate some diamonds or other treasures before things get too dangerous to pay attention. The box-shaped levels are full of surprises, so make sure you check every inch of it before dashing to the finish. And don't forget to use your cursor, because sometimes it's possible to manipulate objects and uncover hidden paths this way!

When you complete a level, an extra mini-game will be unlocked: Hide and Seek! You will re-enter the level, but this time, your objective is to find the Pixel Toad. Again, check every corner and inch and make sure move all the moveable objects. I was able to find them all in the first episode but, after that, it became more and more difficult to find our little pixilated pals!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a feast for your eyes. The levels are cleverly designed and they look beautiful. Completed with a brand new soundtrack and of course, from time to time some recognizable tunes from the Mario universe. I especially like how each episode has its own storybook. This book shows you, per level, how many diamonds you were able to collect, if you've completed the extra mission and the Pixel Toad challenge. Basically, the book is used as a kind of world map with additional information.

My favorite levels are definitely the ones with the mine carts, because riding a cart and throwing turnips at your enemies and other assorted items in the world is always a cool thing to be doing, am I right? You'll have act quickly, because you need to shoot the diamonds now and there are no brakes on your cart, so it powers through the level at quite a quick pace. Sometimes, it almost felt like a ride in a rollercoaster! Maybe an idea for the next game? The Nintendo Rollercoaster experience? Now, personally, I would love that!

Eventually, I managed to save Toadette, but the fun didn't stop there! There is a second episode, in which not Toadette, but Toad gets kidnapped. So now it's up to Toadette to solve a collection of fun puzzles, find the treasures along the way and save Toad from the treacherous talons of Wingo. After finishing this second episode, there is even a third episode, filled with even more awesome puzzles and beautifully crafted levels! When you manage to finish all three episodes, Nintendo has another ace up its colorful sleeve: a brand new bonus episode! Some of the levels in this episode are based on the various kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey. And, to complete the picture, in these levels you're not reaching for the stars in order to complete them; instead, you're collecting power moons as you go along. The bonus episode also contains a number of Toad Brigade levels; levels from the previous episodes, in which the goal is now to gather your three Toad companions and make it to the end of the level with all four Toads still present and accounted for. And yes, I know I already mentioned how much I love the mine cart levels, but the mine cart level "Mine Cart Cascade Crusade" is the best and most awesome level of them all!

Nintendo also introduces a two player mode, in which one player controls Captain Toad or Toadette while the other player controls the cursor. This means that player two can shoot enemies or objects and move the moveable objects out of the way. Helping each other and working together is the key here. You don't need extra controllers, both players can take one Joy-Con and you're already good to go!

Again, Nintendo does what Nintendo does best; bring fun games into our homes. Everyone can enjoy this game, but it's also challenging enough if you're up for it. Each and every time, Nintendo manages to come up with new stuff, but never forgets to make fun references to their previous games. They know what their fans want and aim to exceed their expectations every single time! Well, I'm signing off now, because I'm going for another fun and awesome cart ride, wheeeheeeeee!

available on:

July 13, 2018 (Nintendo Switch / 3DS)
December 5, 2014 (Wii U)