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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on October 29, 2019

During last year's Gamescom, we were invited by Wired Productions and Storm in a Teacup to preview the console version of their horror / adventure game, Close to the Sun. This game was already launched for PC in May 2019, but now it's time for console players to try this game!

Now, I am one of those gamers who prefer to play video games on console, so after playing the Nintendo Switch version during Gamescom I couldn't wait to add this marvelous adventure to the game collection on my very own Switch. In Close to the Sun, you take the role of young female and journalist Rosa. She's on her way to a huge, state of the art ship called the Helios. Why? Well, because her sister, Ada, wrote her a disturbing letter. Ada is a scientist and she joined the team on board of the Helios, which is led by the one and only Mr. Tesla. At first, it was all fun and games (and probably some serious work too) aboard the Helios, but after a while, as always, things got out of hand.

As soon as Rosa gets on board the Helios, she is surprised by the lack of a welcoming party. So she starts to investigate this marvel of modern science on her own. Her focus is on finding her sister and get the hell off this ship. But after the first contact with her sister via an intercom, she also gets in contact with another passenger aboard the Helios. This man is trapped and needs help getting. well. un-trapped. But who is this man and does he have honest motives?

As I mentioned in my Gamescom article, I'm really amazed by the voice casting. You immediately feel connected to Rosa and you really feel the sisterly bond between her and Ada. Close to the Sun is a first person horror adventure and the whole atmosphere of the Helios perfectly matches this theme. The game is set in the year 1897 and has a kind of steampunk vibe that reminds me of the Bioshock game series. Unlike those games, however, Close to the Sun is no first person shooter, although your main objective is to survive whatever is happening on the ship. This is especially noticeable during a couple of chase scenes in the game. If you got yourself in this situation, there is only one advice; Run!

A great deal of your time aboard the Helios is made up of exploring the various rooms and hallways and solving puzzles. I loved the puzzle when Rosa ends up in Ada's room. Ada wants her to solve a puzzle in her room. You have to find mathematical figures. You need those to crack the code and open a hidden panel. I walked around the room several times, first to find all the figures, then to discover they had more info on them than meets the eye and, after that, when actually using the info to unlock the hidden panel. Another memorable puzzle was when I had to make my way through a maze that was almost alive with lightning. Hey, what do you expect? This is Tesla's ship after all. And talking about Tesla, a part of the ship shows you more about the great plans and inventions of Mr. Tesla. Super cool and interesting to read, I must say!

Let me tell you; Close to the sun is one amazing adventure! The characters are great, the game-play is cool and the story is excellent! No matter which platform you choose, if you like a good adventure game with a hint of horror and mystery, Close to the Sun is a definite match!

available on:

Storm in a Teacup & Wired Productions
May 2, 2019 (PC)
October 29, 2019 (PS4 / Switch / Xbox One)