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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on October 19, 2016

Splash! Swoosh! Splash! I'm definitely in a good mood, because I'm painting. Red, yellow, blue, all colors you can think of, I'm using them. Yes sir! I won't leave any colorless spot unpainted, and by painting all the Toads I can save them... What? Did you think I was painting my living room in all kinds of colors? No, no; I am, of course, playing the latest installment in the ever-expanding Mario series: Paper Mario Color Splash!

Ever since Nintendo launched their first Paper Mario game, I'm a huge fan! I love the Paper Mario games and all their variants: first with stickers and now with paint. So I was really looking forward to this one, especially after seeing it during a presentation at the Nintendo Preview Event, last July.

The game starts with Mario and Princess Peach, receiving a letter by mail. But this letter turns out not to be a letter at all; it's folded paper Toad, completely void of ink. From a mysterious note scribbled on Toad's back, they understand that their presence is needed in Port Prisma. When they arrive their something odd is going on. The color fountain isn't working anymore and colorless spots seem to have popped up all over town. Not to mention the completely blank paper Toads lying around. This would all be a major disaster if you didn't have the Color Splash Hammer. When smacking something with it, it will be covered with paint. That's the way to restore colors in Port Prisma and the world around it.

As always, enemies will cross your path while you make your way through the levels in this beautiful world of Paper Mario Color Splash. The game works with a turn based battle system. Everything you do in battles, you do by using Battle cards. If you have played the Sticker Mario variants of the game, this system will definitely be familiar to you. During the game, you'll collect cards with icons on it, which you can use during battle. These cards can be used to attack or defend, but here comes the fun part; Sometimes the cards will be colorless. Here's where the Wii U pad comes in. To enhance the effect of the card, you'll have to paint them. Just simply touch the gamepad and add as much paint as you want. You can choose to paint half of any given card to defeat weak enemies or use fully painted cards for your tougher adversaries.

As you might suspect, paint is used for a lot of things in Paper Mario Color Splash, so be sure to keep an eye on your paint meter. Your paint meter is displayed in the top-left corner of your screen and shows you how much of the three primary-colored paints (red, yellow and blue) you have left. You can refill your meter with new paint, by hitting plants, trees and flowers and of course defeating opponents. These actions yield more than just the primary colors. If you, for instance, find some orange paint drops, they will fill your red and yellow paint reservoir.

There are so many things to help you on your way in paper Mario Color Splash. If you don't have any battle cards, you can play a spin-the-wheel game to win a card. Every spin will cost you a little money, but it's a price you'll gladly pay if you run out of battle cards! In Port Prisma, there is also a shop where you can buy or sell battle cards, so visit that if you get the chance. It is always wise to pay a visit to the shops before you enter a new level, so you can stock up on the things you need to survive.

As with the Sticker Mario games, timing in battles is everything! Having said timing right makes a big difference in how many damage you deal to enemies. If you're struggling with timing your moves, you should really visit the dojo of Battle Toad, where you can practice all the attacks. By the way, this dojo has a little secret at the back, which you can unlock after finding a certain kind of Toad. (My free tip, just for you!)

Paper Mario Color Splash is definitely one game you should really want, and need to have, if you like Mario games. Especially if you love the Paper Mario series. The levels are great; there are many secret doorways and caves filled with treasure to discover. Because everything is made of paper, it can be folded, blown away by wind and you will even be able to cut it in order to create a new path. And it all looks brilliant and works perfectly. If you have the Wii U system, buy this game! And if you don't own a Wii U, just get one and then buy the game!

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October 7, 2016