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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 15, 2017

Last week, I told you all about the preview version of Conarium. But after the release of the full version of this cool action/adventure game on June 6, I thought it was time to tell you more about it. So let's get ready for another round of even more eerie Lovecraftian adventure!

When I played the demo version of Conarium, the intro explained to me that I woke up at an abandoned research base without any memory of what happened and that I was all alone. I was apparently told to use one of the expedition submarines to go and search for the missing crew by a mysterious voice over the radio. Now, instead of telling me this again, I actually get to play this part this time around! Scary, but awesome!

This time, I start in a dark cave filled with some sort of bioluminescent plants. My vision is getting more and more distorted at the sides and. is it getting darker while I walk? I see a person standing in the distance. It's dr. Faust! I remember him from the demo, in which I searched his room. Let's walk up to him and meet the fellow! But, alas, I never got the chance to shake hands with him, because the screen turns black all of a sudden. And when I wake up again, I am in a room. In this room, there's a strange device that I have definitely seen before; I've come across this exact same device in the demo, but then it was placed in a huge cave. My arms come into view and I immediately notice a strange looking watch-like device on my left arm. What the hell is it doing there? Oh well, just leave it for now! I think we'd better do a bit of exploring!

I'm at the Upuaut Antartic Expedition Base and, as I've mentioned before, I'm all alone. Where is everyone and what happened to them? Did they step out for a hamburger? Were they themselves turned into hamburgers by some ancient Sea Demon? I don't know! During the exploration of the base I find a disturbing note that is pinned to an announcement. It says: "Stop these bloody sessions." Riiiiiigghhht. very comforting! I am beginning to suspect that something is very, very, VERY wrong around here. And don't get me started about the facilities at this place. I mean, come on; there is no electricity, which makes the base look even more creepy than it already did!

I had to leave the base and go outside in order to find the generator building. Why people can't build a generator room inside of the main complex is something that has puzzled me since I first saw Jurassic Park. but I digress. Although I didn't feel very comfortable when I was in the Base, going outside in a snow storm and not being able to see anything because of said storm might be even worse. But if I want to turn on the electricity and be able to open the electric doors in the base, I don't have much of a choice, now do I? So off I went. I eventually found the generator but it obviously wasn't working. No fuel and even worse; the hose was tampered with! Luckily I found a jerry can with fuel and duct tape. After all, if you need to save the world, the first thing you need is duct tape. I managed to fix the generator without too much hassle; I think I'm going to change my name to MacGyver.

With the power back on I can now open more doors in the base. But as soon as I reenter the base, I discovered that , although I managed to solve one problem, I now have a nasty big problem which duct tape won't solve. I'm seeing things, having visions. Earlier, I found a note by dr. de Witte, who wrote an urgent message to another crewmember of this base. Some people seemed to suffered from insomnia, severe headaches, seeing visions or hearing voices. These issues pose a serious problem regarding workplace safety. Well, let's look at the bright side; there are no coworkers in danger at the moment, because there are none!

The base itself is really huge; every chamber has content and documents for you to read and items/object to investigate or collect. Bit by bit you unravel the story of what happened to you. And let me tell you, it gets more disturbing by the minute. At one point I found The Statement of Consent and that was the limit. You hear yourself thinking: Why would anyone sign this? At the same time you'll see that's quite a standard contract... Messing with the mind!

During the demo I felt a bit lost from time to time. And although the full version of the game doesn't exactly take you by the hand and tells you what to do, it does give you more time to explore your surroundings and get to know the story at your own pace. The demo was a quick tour (exactly what a demo should be, by the way) and the full game lets you get out of the touring car and offers you the opportunity to discover and explore.

So, if you're up for an eerie and challenging game, filled with puzzles and mystery, and love the sci-fi horror theme, Conarium is definitely your cup of tea. And although it is a very strange and mysterious tea, it definitely tastes like more!

available on:

Zoetrope Interactive & Iceberg Interactive
June 6, 2017