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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 20, 2020

I just love to be married, especially because everything you own, is now owned by both you and your spouse. Ferry (my spouse) was reminded to this fact very recently. We received a code for a game called Concept Destruction, developed by ThinIce and ported to consoles by Ratalaika Games. And because the trailer did remind him of Destruction Derby, he wanted to play and review this game himself. But we are married, so this game is ours right? Which, in this particular case, means mine, so I can play it first! Mwoohaha!!!

Okay, all silliness aside, let's talk about this game called Concept Destruction! You don't need to worry about Ferry, there is a multiplayer mode that needs reviewing as well, so he joined the game at some point. Now, Concept Destruction is centered around developing a concept out of cardboard, in this case for a race car. Now, you are not part of the design division, so you don't get to build the concept itself. You are part of a long and fine tradition of testing these vehicular concepts. And these cardboard cars will have to be tested to the max, so you get to drive it around at high speeds and, even better, crash it into other race cars. If you are the last car standing... or racing... or, as the case might be, barely rolling, you will win the round. Can your car stand the test and reach mass production?

When you start playing the game, there are several game modes to try. You can go for the racing crown in championship mode. In Championship, you'll need to survive five rounds of wrecking racing on various fun arenas. If you manage to survive all rounds, and come out on top, you are the winner your car will indeed be ready for mass production. Now, if you don't have a lot of time, you can also choose to play Single Event, which is a single race against a number of other cars. If you're not feeling like playing alone, you can also invite a friend for a round of two-player split-screen racing. The Single Event and the Multiplayer modes come in three distinct variants: Normal, Survive and Tourism.

Let's start with the Tourism mode: Tourism is more like a test mode, in which you can try out what your car can do and to get to know the ins and outs of the level without taking damage. In Normal Mode, damage is back on and every driver will attack every other driver he or she can get their hands on. Then, there's survive mode. In this mode, you basically have a huge target painted on your proverbial back and all the other cars will be out hunting for you. The trick here is to survive for as long as possible. Now, Ferry and I have been playing video games for a long time and played comparable games in the past like the aforementioned Destruction Derby, for instance. This means we already had an idea of what to expect and how things work. But if you're new to this type of race games, don't worry; From the main menu, you can also select a School Mode. This mode is comprised from a number of tutorials that will let you get acquainted with the basics of the game and offers you the chance to practice for a bit.

It's good to get some practice in, because then you know what to expect when you are set loose in an arena and fifteen other cars come racing right at you. Now, your car can be wrecked in all kinds of ways; your battery can run out or your engine can get destroyed, for instance. Sometimes, these things hold up just fine and I'm still more than a little surprised that my tiny car still drives. It's good to know what kind of damage is really bad for your car, so you should avoid collisions that are the reason for this damage at all cost. The two worst possible places to get hit are your side (which damages your battery) or your backside (which damages your engine). Apart from these places, your car can get pretty beat up by any impact, really. Sometimes my car got really badly damaged in a head-on collision was reduced to about half the size it was when I started the race. Or I had to be really careful when making a turn, because my car could flip over very easy because my axles were all bent, resulting in my wheels being all out of whack.

What really makes Concept Destruction stand out is the fact that your racing around in concept cars made out of cardboard and duct tape. Even the tracks fit this theme, and are always built out of cardboard and more duct tape, on top of drawing tables. If you're not careful where you're going, you might even hit an eraser, a pencil, or even a pair of scissors. And oh yeah, I can tell you from experience that you actually can fall of the drawing tables, so don't go speeding around like a drunken monkey. This leaves us with another cool feature of the game: its music! Now, I know I'm going to sound old when I say this, but sometimes the music and songs that are chosen for video games nowadays... let's just say that it wouldn't be my first choice. Luckily, I love rock and metal music, so I was absolutely stoked to heart screaming guitars and pounding drums when I started racing around my tiny cardboard battle car! Hell Yeeeeaaaaah!

Let's go back to the beginning for a second. When you play for the first time, you can choose from just one car and one track. Now, you mustn't worry about this, because this will change, because Concept Destruction offers a total of eight tracks, as well as eight cars. The Seven additional cars and tracks can only be unlocked by competing in Championship mode. The tracks unlock when you succeed in surviving them and the cars are unlocked by earning a certain amount of points during the Championship. Each of the tracks have their own jumps and trophies, while the cars all vary in speed, handling and weight. This gives you the opportunity to choose the car that best fits your preferences and create even more cool cardboard carnage! Plus, all cars can be painted in three different colors, so you can even match your own personal style.

Concept Destruction is a game that you can easily pick up when you have just half an hour of time to kill. It also works perfectly when you're between games, or when you simply want to play a fun game and have a good laugh! It's often super chaotic, because cars are flying over one another, crashing left and right and damaging each other to the point of utter destruction. This game is a great way to have lots and lots of fun! Whether you play alone or together with friends, this is definitely the best way to put the pedal to the... well... cardboard!

available on:

ThinIce & Ratalaika Games
May 19-22, 2020