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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 23, 2017

With the Holidays on our doorstep, we're all busy finding the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. The developers of Crimibox make an excellent suggestion; a criminal gift. We took a sneak peak, to see if this gift will make your Christmas a criminally good one!

The current version of Crimibox contains the first case in which players have to put on their detective hats in order to solve the murder of Laura Coppens, a young teenager girl. It's up to you to find out who the murderer is. Could it be her father, one of her friends or a neighbor? By watching camera footage, reading police reports and checking social media profiles, you can find clues and, if you're smart enough, solve this case.

In this first case box there are a number of files and reports, three Polaroid's, a specimen of fabric with a red stain on it and a flash drive with video footage and Laura's private files. If you're having a hard time finding clues or can't figure out your next step, there is always your personal virtual assistant called Floor. She can help you by giving you hints and when you think you know who the murderer is, she's also the one to confirm your answer. You can reach Floor via a special internet link, so to play this game you'll need a device with an internet connection. As of this moment, Crimibox is only available in the Dutch language, but who knows what happens in the future?

The fun thing is, you can play this game alone or with friends. I played this game with my sister, her boyfriend and two friends of mine. We played it while having drinks at a café, during our awesome board game event, and it's amazing how quickly you're sucked into this game. Within ten minutes we we're scanning the documents, out on social media and checking video footage. We didn't pay attention anymore to the other people around us; We had a murder case to solve!

As I've mentioned earlier, you'll need an internet connection to solve the case, so it's recommended to have a computer, laptop or tablet nearby. It's easier to check video's on a computer or laptop because of the preview function. The first time you go on Facebook or Instagram to check for information you will discover that there actually is a profile of Laura and her friends; it makes it realistic and you are going to ask yourself at least once if these characters are actual people.

When you've played the game, it's true that once you know the murderer is, it will not be that much of a challenge to solve the case next time. But when you play with another group, you can take the role of Floor and help the players. And when checking and searching for clues and hints you'll see the time the developers spend to create this elaborate game with video's and social media accounts. It took me and my group two and a half hours to solve the case and we were really proud!

Because of the holidays, the people at Crimibox decided to give their fans an early gift! You can buy the Christmas Crimibox, which contains not only the murder case of Laura Coppens, but you'll also receive the next case of Crimibox, when it is released at the end of January 2018. Me and my murder solving team can already hardly wait!

Crimibox (website in Dutch)
Players: 1 - ??? players, ages 15+
Playtime: 2 -3 hours
June 1, 2017 (First Case)
Januari 2018 (Second Case)