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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 18, 2021

Days Gone has a special place in my heart since it launched on PS4, back in April 2019. I love the story about Deacon, his best friend Boozer and his beloved wife Sarah. The game had a bit of rough start when it was first released, due to a number of bugs, but luckily, those got sorted soon after release. Nowadays, many players all over the world love and play this game as much as I do. Last year, it already became one of the PS Plus collection games that you could download and play for free, provided you have a PS Plus subscription, and this year it's time for all the PC gamers out there to get their hands on this game and join the ride!

I chose the word "ride", because riding your motorcycle is Deacon's preferred mode of transport. Sure, you could walk, but it would take you age to get where you need to go, because the world of Days Gone is a truly expansive one. So yes, riding your motorcycle is one of the things you will be doing a lot in this open-world action game. For those among you out there, who have never heard of this game or managed to stay away from the PS4 reviews, let me introduce you (without spoilers) to this wild world.

Days Gone is set in the high-desert of the Pacific Northwest, two years after a mysterious global pandemic has decimated the earth's population. Most people were simply killed by this pandemic, but it also transformed millions of others into mindless, feral creatures. Some people though, were immune and are now part of a group of survivors that are trying to make the most out of this hard life. Some survivors gathered in camps and others like to keep moving around. Deacon and his friend Boozer are an example of people who like to keep moving. They ride around on their trusty motorcycles, occasionally helping out the people in the camps they come across. They just decided to travel North, as Boozer apparently has been wanting to do for a while but, of course, this is a video game. And if we've learned anything from movies and video games with even the slightest trace of zombie or other horror elements, it's that nothing, and I mean nothing, ever goes as planned...

In this case, Deacon's motorcycle gets damaged and needs a replacement part. Luckily, the duo has a "risk-free" plan to get their hands on the part they need. However, Boozer gets ambushed by an enemy survivor group called the Rippers. These cruel (and slightly insane) people do something horrible to Boozer, but luckily Deacon is able to kill the Rippers and save his friend. It's up to Deacon now to take care of Boozer and keep him both alive and safe. Now, if that was the only thing our hero had to occupy himself with, the problem would be solved rather quickly, which also meant that the game would be a really, really short one. Lucky for us, Boozer isn't the only one who needs Deacon's help. While playing the game, you will visit many locations, complete a lot of main- and side missions and travel a lot of miles. There are several camps in which you'll meet people, asking for your assistance which, of course, they will make worth your while. With each completed task, the camps trust-level will increase which, in turn, makes it possible for you to buy better stuff at the camp's merchant or mechanic. The merchant can supply you with weapons and other useful items, while the mechanic can offer you lots of upgrades for your bike.

"But what about Deacons beloved wife Sarah that you mentioned earlier?", I hear you think. During the intro scene we will see Deacon together with Boozer and Sarah. Sarah is stabbed with a knife and needs medical attention. This is all happening at the same moment that the world as we know it has come to a grinding halt, because of the aforementioned worldwide pandemic. Everyone is panicking and people are fighting for their very lives. Deacon manages to get Sarah on a helicopter that will take her to safety. There is only room for two extra people on the flight, so Deacon can either go with her, or stay with Boozer, who is also badly injured at that moment. Deacon decides to stay with Boozer, but when the game fast forward to two years later it becomes clear that they never found Sarah and they assume she is dead. But then, Deacon crosses paths with lieutenant O'Brian, who was the guy Deacon handed Sarah over to all those years ago. So, if he survived somehow, maybe Sarah did as well? I simply love how this game lets you experience the adventures of Deacon in the present, but also shows you the love story between Deacon and Sarah that happened in the past and how they became a couple. More then once it brought a tear to my eye.

But is it worth for players who already played the game on PS4 or PS5 to start all over again on PC? Plus, and maybe even more importantly, if you are a PC owner and you've never played the game before, is Days Gone worth your while? Well, in both cases, I personally think it is. The PC version of Days Gone has unlocked framerates, improved graphics (VFX, increased LOD distance, and foliage draw distances), support for ultra-wide monitors, mouse support for the weapon wheel/menus/map, keyboard support movement/player actions, controller support for non-DualShock controllers, and all post-launch content from the PS4 version of the title. This means the new 'Survival' difficulty mode and the possibility to start a new game plus will be available from the start. The same goes for Challenge mode, which will offer players more bike, horde and combat challenges.

I like a good story, a post-apocalyptic world and zombies, especially when I get to shoot them. My favorite weapons are all available in this game. But then again, how would you ever survive this harsh world without the help of a shotgun, a crossbow and some Molotov cocktails, am I right? If you prefer other weapons like machine guns, snipers and mines, don't worry. Deacon can get his hands on them as well! Also, I always wanted to ride a bike and now I can in the comfort of my own home. Since its initial release, Days Gone has split the gaming world in two and has become a bit of a "you-either-love-it-or-you-hate-it" game. I personally love Days Gone and I'm over the moon that I can now play one of my personal favorites on both PlayStation and PC!

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May 18, 2021