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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 9, 2016

Whatís better than having Dead Island or Dead Island: Riptide in your game collection? Thatís easy: to have them both! Last week, the moment had finally arrived; the Dead Island Definitive Edition, along with the Dead Island Definitive Collection was released. In this review, Iím going to talk about the Collection, which contains not only Dead Island Definitive Edition, but also the Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition, as well as a third game called Dead Island Retro Revenge. Thatís three fantastic games in one awesome package!

A lot of you will remember the great trailer of Dead Island. Besides from being a genuine work of art, It made it perfectly clear that this game would be something special; and it was. As one of the survivors of a strange viral outbreak, youíll have to survive the flesh-eating, brain-slurping horror on an otherwise idyllic tropical island. By gathering resources and crafting weapons, you upgrade your arsenal, making it somewhat easier for you to go up against the zombie menace that has swept the island and make your escape. Along the way, you uncover secrets that you werenít meant to find and unearth one of the greatest cover-ups of all time!

After escaping the island, our story continues with Dead Island: Riptide. You get rescued by a Navy ship, just to witness it, being overrun by the same strange disease you encountered on the island. Eventually, you make your way to another island, where things go from bad to worse faster than a greased pig on a slip Ďn slide. Again, itís up to you to get the survivors to safety, while battling a veritable army of undead and racing against the clock because some idiot wants to blow up the entire island to ensure no one will ever know what happened here. I remember the Dead Island series as a pair of awesome survival horror games, featuring a great story, filled to the brim with action and humor. The humor-part was especially thanks to my favorite character of the entire series: Sam B. Hell, I still listen to ďWho do you VoodooĒ on my phone.

While playing the Definitive Collection, the first thing that stands out is just what you would expect noticing about a remastered game: the graphics. And what a job theyíve done! The islands look more amazing than ever; even the zombies look better. The colors are brighter and the people you meet are more detailed. Itís still the great game you remember playing, but they did a really good job making the game look more modern. And I already thought the gameplay of the original game was smooth, but now it felt just that little bit better. It seemed quite a bit more responsive and I didnít trip over invisible pixels this time.

Itís no big secret that I absolutely LOVE zombie games and Dead Island brings back a lot of fond memories. I love the parts where you walk around and here a big thug zombie scream, but you canít see him anywhere. It still gives me the creeps and when a manages to do that, it passed my scare-test with flying colors, I can tell you that!

A nice addition to the Definitive Collection is the 16-bit arcade game Dead Island Retro Revenge. In this game, you play as Max; a guy who had his cat being kidnappedÖ catnapped, right before his eyes. So he swears to bring to justice those who took his feline friend and enters the streets, chasing after the catnappers. I think that is the only sensible thing to do. I mean, itís your pet for crying out loud. No one can steal someoneís pet and get away with it!

Anyway, once out on the city streets, you see they are completely overrun with zombies and other hostile scum. There are three lanes for you to run through in every level, so you switch lanes to avoid or attack zombies that are coming your way. The only thing you need to do is change lanes and attack, the running is being done by the game itself. While battling the oncoming hordes of undead creatures, youíll have only your bare hands and feet to defend yourself. Luckily, once in a while, youíll find a nice weapon, such as a chainsaw or something. This weapon, albeit temporary, greatly increases your attack power, making it much easier to decimate the huge number of enemies that stand between you and your furry friend.

To conclude this review, I would like to thank the awesome people at Techland and Deep Silver for bringing this fantastic remastered collection to the world. Dead Island is just such a terrific series and itís good to see it out there once again, ready to scare the living crap out of a whole new generation of gamers. For the long time fans of the series, this is a welcome opportunity to replay your favorite games in higher quality. For people who donít know this game or didnít play it before (shame on you, by the way) this is a great way to get to know the series and be able to get both games at once, plus a neat extra game. So just sit back and prepare yourself for an amazing adventure on a beautiful tropical island where, and trust me when I say this, sunburn is the least of your problems!

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Techland & Deep Silver
May 31, 2016