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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 22, 2019

Devious Dungeon is back and I couldn't be happier about it! The first Devious Dungeon was such an awesome game and I absolutely loved it to pieces. So, when I received an invitation to play the sequel, I was over the moon. So put on your best armor and join me on this devious adventure!

The story of Devious Dungeon 2 is not that different from the first game. In a dark castle, adventure awaits for every brave adventurer who dares to enter the castle. The castle is filled with deadly monsters and, thanks to the magic of procedural generation, will change every time you re-enter it. The monsters and treacherous traps that riddle the castle's halls have already ended the pitiful lives of many, many, MANY adventurers before you. So why would anyone enter this dungeon, I hear you ask? Well, for heaps and heaps of treasure, of course! You see, the castle is rumored to contain treasures that would even make the richest person alive look like a penniless hobo. And while these treasures are the stuff of legend, the castle is also the domain of the Summoner. And boy, this evil wizard really doesn't like people just visiting his castle unannounced (or even announced, I'm afraid.). So, are you up for a dangerous quest to defeat the Summoner and claim the lost treasures of the castle?

The game starts with you selecting a hero. You can choose between a barbarian, a mage or a rogue. The barbarian is a melee character with a large health bar, but he doesn't deal that much damage. The mage is a ranged character, who does deal a lot of damage, but has a very tiny health bar. The rogue is a mixed character and has a balanced amount of both damage and health points. For my first round of Devious Dungeon 2, I chose the rogue, because I like to have a ranged character but I also like to have the ability to make a melee attack when things get too crowded for ranged attacks. But later on, I just couldn't resist to at least try the other characters as well. And let me tell you; each character class has its own great advantages! Also, keep in mind that these stats are a starting point because, during the game, you will level-up and with every level you earn, you can choose to upgrade your damage points, your health bar or the chance to deal critical damage.

Your adventure doesn't actually start in the castle, but in a nearby town. This town is your home base and every time you die you will be transported back here. This is actually a good thing, because this is where the shop is. You can use the shop to buy weapons, armor, potions and rings with the money you've collected on your journey through the castle's monster and trap infested rooms. The shop system is very simple; buy something and you will unlock the next item on the list. Every new weapon is always a bit better than the previous one, so don't worry about buying something useless. Make sure you buy every item you can before re-entering the dungeon again. Trust me on this one; doing so can truly make the difference between failure and success!

While the general look and feel of Devious Dungeon 2 stayed pretty much the same compared to the first game, there's one thing that did actually change and that's the map screen. The overall map is much more clear than the map in the first game, because you can now actually see you in which part of the castle you currently are. You'll start off in the mines and will have to work your way to the crypt, the dungeons, the barracks, the great halls and the library. The main challenge of the Devious Dungeon games is that you have to complete all levels of a section in one area to proceed to the next section. For example; the Mines area contains five sections and each section contains five levels. If you die in one of those levels, you'll have to start that section all over again. If you manage to complete the fifth level, you'll travel to the next section. Now, the next time you die you don't need to replay the first section of that area again, but you can start from the last section you entered before dying. But beware, every time you die and re-enter the dungeons, the layout of the levels will have changed, so you'll never know who or what will be waiting for you! Luckily, your level, money and quest will be saved.

While playing the first level of the game, you'll get some tutorial messages to help you get started on your quest. The developers made some improvements compared to the first game. For instance, in Devious Dungeon 2, you are able to fight your enemies while walking backwards at the same time. This way, you will reduce the damage taken from enemies, or even prevent taking damage completely. And every character has its own unique gear and abilities! The rogue has the ability to use walls to perform a double jump and the mage can hover in the air for a short period of time, which just leaves the barbarian. Now, the barbarian doesn't have a special ability but he does have the best stats overall and... well, he's a barbarian, what more does one need?!

The goal of each level is simple; in order to complete the level, you'll need to find a key, so you can open the gate. It's wise to keep your eyes peeled for treasures and coins, because you're going to want to have all the riches you can get your greedy little hands on to buy the much needed armor and items when in town. While paying the game you will meet a veritable host of both non-playable characters and enemies. If you played the first game in the Devious Dungeon series, you are sure to recognize a couple of the enemies. But on't worry, the developers also added a number of brand new ones to dismember at your leisure. I personally like the a couple of characters in town; the bard and the joker are awesome! The joker is super hungry and has an almost inhuman craving for marshmallows. He is also a bit sad because the king kicked him out of his court. The bard is singing songs; for every character he has a special song in which their bravery is definitely praised. to a certain point!

I love Devious Dungeon 2 soooo much! It's a very "dangerous" game to play because, every time I die, I hear myself think: "Okay, I almost had it that time. Let's give it ONE MORE last try". And before I know it, it's well past midnight! Or even worse, I didn't sleep at all and suddenly discover that it's time to go to work! Okay, that last one didn't actually happen, but you can imagine it just might happen, right? Devious Dungeon 2 is truly fun every time you play it and the 8-bit style graphics look excellent! Okay, If by now, I didn't convince you of how cool Devious Dungeon 2 is, I never will, I'm afraid. But then again; that would be your loss, because you would miss out on a truly awesome game!

available on:

Woblyware & Ratalaika Games
May 14-17, 2019