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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on August 15, 2014

Look at that Orc! Kill it, before it lays eggs! Well, I don’t know if Orcs lay eggs, but the slaying is a necessity in DieselStörmers: Knights of Run and Gun.

The men and women of Black Forest Games proudly showcased their ambitious game, and what a game this is going to be! Right now approximately 10% of this epic-sized idea is finished, but don’t let that spoil the fun. This only means that there’s 90% of this action-packed, frantic, 2D side-scrolling Behemoth of a game is still to come! DieselStörmers is a fast-paced action game, full of crazy enemies who are armed to the proverbial teeth. And it’s not just the enemies who are heavily armed; you and your self-titled Knights of Run and Gun are packing some serious firepower as well. So let’s jump right in and let the mayhem begin (How about that; I’m a poet and I don’t even know it...)

This game is especially fun when playing in cooperative mode. You can join the game with up to four players. We played this game with one of the developers, so we had three knights at our disposal. You’re linked together by an electric current, which you can also use as a means of transport. In that case the current tying you together acts like a supercharged slingshot, catapulting you towards the sphere-like core that hovers in the center of these electric life-lines. If you time this just right, you are flung across the screen with great speed, in the process knocking down enemies who were unlucky enough to be in your path.

The DieselStörmers game play is easy to get used to. There’s a lot happening around you, so you have to pay attention to stay alive. The world is a great combination of medieval times and modern machines. A colorful mix of cartoon and steampunk.

At this moment DieselStörmers is available at Steam as an Early access game. This gives you a chance to help the developers improve the game. We at DumeeGamer.com would recommend this game to everyone who loves a good 2D action game on speed!

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Black Forest Games
July 17, 2014