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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 26, 2017

What did you do back at school when you were bored during class? I remember mostly doodling in my notebooks at times like that. Imagine you could view your sketches from your days at school again. Wouldn't that be great?

Well, I guess the guys and girls from The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency found their old notebooks or something, because they came up with Drawn to Death, a third-person death match shooter game which is set in a teenager's notebook, complete with hand drawn graphics. Crazy characters, graffiti and of course some bad language are all incorporated in this game, just like it was in the notebooks of many angry teenager at the time. The game basically looks like a notebook and, let me tell you, it looks awesome!

To get in the right mood, this game starts with a short intro video of a classroom. A boring teacher is going on and on about.. I don't have a clue. I wasn't paying attention, I was drawing in my notebook, or making eye contact with one of my friends. Yup! Extra points for this great introduction.

You start the game with the advice to complete the tutorial before playing the real thing and I agree with this. Drawn to Death is not that hard to learn, but it's good to know about all the attacks, abilities and special attacks your character have up its sleeve. And I don't want to spoil the fun, but I will say that this tutorial is the funniest one I've ever played and really worth your time!

After completing the tutorial, you can choose your favorite character and enter an arena of your party's choice. Up to four players can enter the arena and play in different modes. There is no single player mode. I must say, after playing about twenty multiplayer rounds, I sure hope they eventually do come up with a single player story mode. Don't get me wrong, the multiplayer was awesome! It's just that the tutorial was so funny (and explained the basics of the game as well), I am convinced the developers could deliver a hilarious story mode. (here's me looking very hopeful with my puppy eyes)

The arenas are high; they are three floors in total. Luckily, the floors have a lot of holes in them, so you can easily jump or fall from one floor to the next. Or use the launch pads for extra height. It adds a little extra something to the overall chaos in this game. The setting, the soundtrack, the weapons and abilities, it all guarantees pure chaos and with that, a lot of fun!

Most of the time I chose the character Johnny Salvage, to enter the arena and hopefully win to game. Johnny is a punk rocker with an attitude. He talks a lot, plays the guitar and uses it to defeat enemies with special mind blowing solos (literally). Some attacks and abilities can only be performed by one of the characters, other can be unlocked by all characters. I especially like the Dodge ball thrower! Have you ever played a game where a dodge ball is your weapon? And if the answer was yes. First, I like to hear about that game, because I need to play it. And second: let me ask you another question; did you ever played a game in which you could use a coffin with a zombie as a weapon? I thought not!

It didn't come as a total surprise to me that Drawn to Death is an awesome game; the director is the great David Jaffe who also directed God of War and Twisted Metal. Together with San Diego Studio, he created a really unique game, which is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and definitely stands out of the crowd!

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The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency & San Diego Studio
April 4, 2017