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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 25, 2020

I love dreaming! I dream during the night and sometimes even during the day. Some of my dreams are so good that I want to turn it into a book, a movie or even a video game. And turning dreams into a video game is exactly what the developers of the aptly named game Dreams are offering us.

Dreams is a game in which everything can happen. It was created by Media Molecule, the same people responsible for games like Little Big Planet and Tearaway. If you can imagine it, this game will help you to literally make your dreams come to life. A very important part of this game is your imp. At the start of this game have to select an imp, which will help you along the way. A short tutorial will show you what the imp can do. You can collect orbs, walk around in the world and take the form of all kinds of objects. In the tutorial you become a simple triangle shaped character with arms and legs. You can also change back into the imp, when you need to drag things around or manipulate the world around you. Roughly you could say that a walking characters let you explore the world around you and the imp makes it possible to manipulate and create said world.

Dreams offers you two types of game play; You can select Dream Shaping in which you can create your very own video game. The other type, Dream Surfing, is the place where you can play every game that is created with Dreams. To be honest, I wasn't aware of the creating part of this game before I actually start playing it. When I saw trailer of this game I was blown away by all the different styles and design that I saw and that was enough for me to think: "Hell yeah I want to play this game!" So to make things clear: there is not one game, there are more than 50 games already and they are all created with Dreams.

Of course, the developers of this game has made sure that you can play a couple of games from their own hand to show what is actually possible when using the Dream Shaping mode. Let me tell you one thing, you don't want to miss out on the game called Art's Dream, created by the developers Media Molecule. The game is about a bass player and his name is Art. I don't want to spoil too much about the story because it is a relatively short game, but let's just say that the player will simply follow everything that is happening in the mind of this man. His dreams, his doubts and his fantasy. Your imp has a role in this game as he will possess several characters in the game, but you can also transform back to the imp to help you with puzzles. If you're going to buy Dreams, you'll definitely want to at least play Art's Dream, it's an amazing journey that you won't forget.

Now I got the taste of it I wanted more! I scrolled around in the available games and I stumbled upon a game called Pip Gemwalker, created by someone who calls himself Man Chicken Turtle and another party that goes by the name Phreakerz. In this game you take role of a sloth that luckily gets a speed gem and after that you can walk around in cubicle levels and collect Diamonds to pass to the next level. Clearly these people are inspired by a great Nintendo game called Toad Treasure Tracker. I loved that game so you can imagine that this game was my cup of tea. At this moment it has seven levels after that the developer thank you for playing his game and invite you to remix Pip Gemwalker and create your own levels. So I assume you're not only able to create your own games but also are able to taking existing games to the next level.

Time to check out the dream shaping mode, don't you think? There are several tutorials to help you along the way. You first learn about the basics and tools and how to use them. Your first assignment is to create and personalize your own base. Other players visited embedded glimpse of whatever is on your mind. While playing Art's Dream I collected several orbs. You always need to keep an eye out for those because it contains elements which you can use in the dream shaping mode. The more you've collected, the more options you have and the more fancy your work can look. I say work here because you are not limited to creating a video game you can also create music or art, so again you can do whatever you want.

To be honest I didn't spend much time and a dream shaping part of the game. A couple of other games also offers you the possibility to create levels but I never used them. Now I must say the options in Dreams are beyond your imagination, especially when you see what other people have created. I'm convinced that the Dream Shaping mode a super option everyone who likes to get creative. Personally, I just like to discover whatever other people have created with Dreams and the games that are created by Media Molecule themselves are super awesome!

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February 14, 2020