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By Claudia "Boobzilla" Dumee on June 26, 2020

In real life, we are required to behave ourselves. To hold our tongue and be polite. We keep in certain outrageous emotions and keep ourselves in check. Why? Why should we not hit that annoying kid in the supermarket? Why not kick that awful co-worker in the butt. But no, we're required to watch what we say so as to not offend or hurt someone else's incredibly sensitive feelings. But there's good news everyone! After having to keep our temper in check in the real world, we can now be bad... with the Dungeons III Complete Collection. And believe me; it is wonderful to be bad.

Where one might expect to be guided through the game by a booming and dark demonic-like voice that seemed to come straight from hell (I mean, come on, you are an evil dungeon lord after all), you are now taught the ways of wickedness by a snarky and sarcastic British man, which makes the game experience as a whole even more hilarious. Especially if you are into British humor, like me.

Via the tutorials, you go straight into the main story of the game. This is where we meet our main protagonist: a female Dark Elf called Thalya, who didn't always walk on the dark side. You see, although she was born a Dark Elf, Thalya was raised by Tanos, a priest of Light. However, you have managed to get your evil clutches on her and have lured her over to the side of evil. This means that you, as the Dark Lord of all Evil, will now guide her through this adventure on the path of mischief, plain murder and plundering.

The world of Dungeons III is very entertaining and smart, though somewhat simplistic. Of course you build your own dungeon underground, but to my surprise, there's no killing off the rivalling Hero dungeon, like you would expect. Instead, you are to conquer the world above; the world of Heroes. Naturally, you are no friend of these goody-little-two-shoes and have no qualms whatsoever with going head to head with them.

But before that can happen, you start off at your dungeon. There is a research menu in which you can expand your dungeons and make it possible to hire more creatures. Yes I said "Hire" your creatures. There is no portal to lure them to your dungeons. So no waiting around, you are in control of this. There are a couple of things you need to do to earn such things though. First there is of course the gold that you have to gather to buy things. But a second thing you have to gather is something the creators have called "Evilness". Which you can only be gathered by killing off Heroes and villagers up above, slap your creatures to make them work harder and sacrifice badly behaving subjects. So you may understand, that you are forced to do evil things to get ahead in the game. Which, after all, is the whole purpose of the game, to be evil!

There are some handy features in the game that are quite clever, like the "Day/Night" clock (Heroes are stronger during the day and weaker at night, so you know when it's the opportune moment for an attack). Such features prove didn't just go for pretty graphics but really tried to make Dungeons III the best game they could possibly make. Things are planned out and thought about. And that makes playing the game that much more easy and fun at times.

The game is somewhat simplistic in character- and storyline department but that is just the thing that, in my humble opinion, gives the game its charm. It is filled with lots and lots of fun references to the older version of the game, overall pop culture, World of Warcraft and Fantasy movies (There is a dwarf named Grimly and a King Arthur called Arctures). It is really noticeable that the game is more focused on being funny and sarcastic, (They, even joke about the game itself) than on having overly complicated storylines or multi-layered characters. Honestly, the game would be ruined if it took itself too seriously.

This Complete Collection is really true to its name; it not only features the core game, it is also jam-packed with no less than seven awesome DLC packs: "Once Upon a Time", "Evil of the Caribbean", "Lord of the Kings", "Clash of Gods", "An Unexpected DLC", "Famous Last Words" and "A Multitude of Maps". Besides the 50-plus missions already in the game, along with all the other Dungeons-goodness, the Complete Collection also features something brand new: a very cool co-op mode for in which two friends can join forces and be evil together. So, at the end of the day, I can only come to the conclusion that Dungeons III is a perfect game is for all strategy-loving gamers out there who not only would like to have massive amounts of contents and maybe feel a bit nostalgic, but who also want to have a good laugh about a British narrator, as well as have an incredible amount of pure, unadulterated fun while being bad.

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Realmforge Studios & Kalypso Media
June 26, 2020