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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on October 28, 2020

The first time I played an Earth Defense Force game, was when Earth Defense Force 2025 was a free game in PS plus for PlayStation 3, back in 2017. I never heard of it up till then, but I saw tons of insects to slay and several awesome weapons to slay them with. So, what's not to like, right? The latest iteration of these games goes by the name of Earth Defense 5 and is finally available as a physical edition for the first time in Europe and the US. So, are you ready for a wild ride? If yes, then let's go!

Since then, I've been a big fan of this series. Earth Defense Force is a third person shooter where you take the role of one of the members of a super special force team that has one single purpose: defeat giant alien insects and save the world from certain doom! You can choose a character in one of four classes. The easiest one to control is the Ranger, because this is the most balanced character. If you feel like flying, you should definitely go for Wing Diver. It's a cool female character who supports the team with air strikes. They are swift and deadly, but their weakness is their low HP. The third class is a tactical role: Air Raider. His task is to provide coordinates for the air force attacks of bombers and gunships for example. Last but not least, we have Fence, a heavily armed soldier, fully equipped with a powered Exo Skeleton. He can carry more and heavier weapons, which can be very useful in battle. But as you can imagine, this comes with a price, because he is slow and reloading these type of weapons takes time.

Earth Defense Force 5 offers you a huge amount of missions. The single player mode alone offers you a whopping 110 missions. You can play these levels on five difficulty levels, ranging from Easy, all the way to Inferno. If you want to play coop with other players, you can start a multi-player mode game. You have two options here: an online-mission mode or a 2-player split screen coop. Yes, couch coop mode is a possibility; two controllers, two people, one couch. I love games who still offer you a couch coop mode. And in this particular game, it adds even more chaos to an already chaotic game. Plus, it can actually help you on your way to victory.

The games in the Earth Defense Force series stand out because of the positively massive groups of enemies you'll encounter, the super-sized monsters that act as your opponents and the fact that every building can collapse if you shoot it enough. And let me assure you that if that's what you like about this series, Earth Defense Force 5 won't disappoint you. The mega ants are back, the jumping spiders are back, and even the B-movie voice cast of civilians is back! Now, some gamers out there might think this is somewhat tacky, but I like a fantastically bad voice cast in games like this; it's completely in line with the premise of the game. True, this game will not blow you away with its amazing graphics or its intense story-telling, but the developers of Earth Defense force still do what they do best; Serving me an over the top action game which makes me smile!

Earth Defense Force 5 has a nice fast pace to each one of its missions, especially compared to the earlier Earth defense Force games I've played. Although it's also a matter of "getting the objective" and "knowing what you are doing". I had a specific level which featured drones that would only attack you if you attacked them. I had to destroy them all, and to do so, I had to get their attention. But they were flying so high up that it was really hard to shoot them. Later on, while playing this level again online with other players, I saw it was a bit easier to hit the enemy drones when playing the air class. So by playing online you might learn a thing or two about the benefits of other classes in the game. There is one downside to this game; playing online and offline starts up two different games. I thought that I could play offline single player and if I needed help, I could let other players join my game. But this is not how it works unfortunately. If you switch to online for the first time, you'll start a new game.

So, what to make of Earth Defense Force 5? Well, there's no in-between when playing these games; you either love them to pieces or hate them with a vengeance. There is no such thing as a middle ground here. Luckily, I'm all for destroying a massive army of enemy insects and aliens, so I'm happy. Everything about this game is really over the top and I absolutely love it! So, if you're a fan of hectic shooters with giant enemies and destructible buildings, please do yourself a favor and give Earth Defense Force 5 a chance!

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Sandlot (website in Japanese) & D3 Publisher
June 18, 2020