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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on June 17, 2014

This first person shooter takes place during World War II and tells us the story of war correspondent Robert Hawkins. Heís going to tell about all the brave stuff people of the resistance are doing. And his correspondence means fighting along with the resistance and shooting Nazi forces who stand in his way.

Most of the time you have to complete tasks you get from other npc characters. Nice twist is that you are sometimes given the choice between two options, which also gives this game replay value. Because we like to know what path we take if we choose the other option.

Instead of a shitload of weapons you get just one (very powerful) pistol and one automatic weapon or rifle, like a MP40 or a KAR. So that complicates the game and make it more difficult. For the brave gamers among us, letís just accept this challenge. You can sneak around or run straight into the action, but either way youíll need a plan.

To help you find your way around, there is a map in the bottom left corner of your screen, which shows where and how much enemies there are in your direct environment. Around the map icon is a circle, which turns red when youíre spotted by an enemy. That way you can hide until they canít find you anymore and then continue your assignment.

The game has a feature called breach. Youíll kick in a door and for a short time enemies will move in slow-motion, so you can shoot them without getting hit yourself. But thereís a catch, because youíre also moving slow.

For a game that didnít recieve that much attention upfront, the games graphics are actually really up to standards. The plants, trees and wooden planks in this game are detailed and the environment looks realistic. Same with the voices and soundtrack, though the subtitles are not always in sync with the voices.

Fans of multiplayer will be happy to discover the multiplayer option, in which you can challenge up to eleven friends.

If youíre a fan of the old WWII first person shooters, youíre definitely going to love Enemy Front.

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CI Games
June 10, 2014