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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 6, 2019

Since last year's Gamescom I've been so looking forward to this game! It was one of the titles that was featured on the awesome 1C Publishing booth. It was there that I met Luiz Aguena, a developer at São Paulo, Brazil based Void Studios, who showed me their upcoming game called Eternity: The Last Unicorn.

I remembered Eternity as being a game with nice graphics, smooth gameplay and featuring numerous challenges for me to overcome over the course of the adventure. We, as the players, take control of a female elf named Aurehen and will have to fight everything and everyone that stands in her way. To this end, Aurehen has her shiny sword and never-failing bow and arrows. This action RPG was definitely one of the games that I was so eager to play. And now, the days of waiting are finally over. A week before launch, I got to play the full game!

Being able to play the full game enables me to delve deeper into the world of Eternity: The Last Unicorn and learn more about its core story. You see, a long, long time ago, four unicorns given to the elves, which made them immortal. But at some point, the unicorns vanished, taken away by foul witchcraft. All unicorns? No, all but one! But, as it turns out, the unicorn that hadn't wasn't taken away wasn't that lucky either. It was cursed and, on top of it all, its horn is broken. This is where main character Aurehen comes in. It's up to her to save this last unicorn.

During the beginning of our adventure, you will get some tutorial messages which explain the basics of the game. You can walk around, lock on enemies and use your sword for executing a light and a heavy attack. If things become too crowded, you're able to dodge your way out of trouble. During your travels, you can find several items ,which you can use as they are, or can be used as crafting materials. And, luckily, you'll come across merchants from time to time, so you can always buy the things you need, providing you have enough funds to do so. You may also find corpses along the way. Be sure to take a closer look at them, because you are able to set their spirits free. In doing so, you'll receive crystal shards. Collect red crystal shards to buy new items and upgrade your weapons. Collect green crystal shards to recover some health.

I have to admit, I was struggling a bit when I started playing. Unlike during the demo I played last year, I didn't have a bow and arrows right from the start, so the only way to fight enemies was by using my sword and, in my case, successfully using the sword took quite a bit of practice. I'm not sure if it is my own clumsiness, but it definitely needed some getting used to. Something else I remembered from playing the demo during Gamescom, is the fact that it is really important to get the hang of your dodging ability and plan your fights. Don't run blindly into fights, trying to be a Hero, because if you get surrounded by enemies, you'll be an easy target. On the bright side, though; there is a way to make your battles easier. Just keep an eye out for the opportunity to press the X button during fights, which happens every once in a while. Doing so will finish off enemies in a single mighty blow. Making use of this feature can make your life a lot easier and longer.

As you make your way through the game it quickly becomes apparent that you'll have to level up to gain new abilities and that you're definitely going to visit some places more than once. For example, I found some yellow roots that were covering something in some places, but I wasn't able to remove them at that moment. I also saw a collectible that was just out of reach on a higher ledge that I just couldn't reach just yet. This convinced me pretty early on that I would need to learn new skills and revisit some areas to reveal all the secrets and pick up all the collectibles the game has to offer.

Another feature that stuck in my mind after playing the demo and talking to Luiz at Gamescom, was the fixed camera perspective. The developers chose to use this feature to establish the feeling of nostalgia. It also gives them an additional chance to hide items from you while you play the game. So, if you ever see a big log just laying around, please make sure you also check the currently non-visible areas, because you never know what you might find there.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn is a great game in a fantasy setting, but also has a Folklore feeling. It looks lovely and sort of fairy tale-ish, but soon you'll also discovered it has a darker side. The enemies you'll encounter in this game will make your journey a truly challenging one. As a side note, I just love the logo of the Unicorn, enveloped in its manes. It definitely would make a very nice necklace. If this is going to be a piece of merchandise for this game I would definitely buy it. In the meantime, I will happily be travelling across these enchanted lands and fulfill my quest to save the last Unicorn from all manner of evil!

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Void Studios & 1C Publishing
March 5, 2019