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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 8, 2014

At the Epicon Summer 2014 fair we got the chance to play Evolve and after we played it we can only say one thing: We want more, more, MORE!

DumeeGamers Diana(DumeeGamer) and Michael (Magic Mike) played this game. In Evolve, you can either play as the monster or as a Hunter, the latter having has different classes and roles. Hunters kill monster, monster kills all hunters, itís a simple premise really. First side to dieÖloses! In our case we were both playing for the side of the hunters, Michael played as Medic and Diana as Assault.

Michael: "I only played as Medic, but Iím as enthusiastic as hell. Iím curious to see what the other roles bring and what they add to the game. And what itís like when you play the monster. It brings out the hunter in you. Visually itís also a great game. Iím looking forward to the release."

As a hunter your goal is to catch and kill the monster. As a monster you want to stay out of the hands of the hunters. The monster will level. At level 1 you will be weaker than the hunters, at level 2 your powers will be equal to the hunter and at level 3 you will be stronger. And thatís why the game is called Evolve. Right now you can choose between two kinds of monsters. Goliath is a melee and close ranged monster. He will use his strength and power directly. Kraken is a medium to long-ranged monster which will use distance attacks.

There are several classes when youíre a hunter. Four of them are finished as of this moment, but when the game releases, there will be more to choose from.

Assault: This character will do the most damage.
Trapper: Can place traps in tactical places.
Medic: Heals the team and keep them alive.
Support: He supports the team so they hit harder, escape danger and rain down death on the monster.

In our group unfortunately for us, the monster won. The living legend behind the monster was Rob Schellekens. (the guy on the right) Well done, Rob!

Evolve is a 1 vs 4 multiplayer game. But it will be possible to play local. If youíre just playing with two people for instance, the other three roles will be AI-controlled. All this makes Evolve a great game that is definitely on our wish list.

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Turtle Rock & 2K
October 21, 2014