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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 17, 2015

My Fallout adventure actually starts with playing Fallout 4. Thatís right; guilty as charged, your honor! I have never played a single game of the Fall Out series. And, to be totally honest, I wasnít planning on playing them. But then I saw the awesome trailers of a world, destroyed and in despair. While visiting First Look, earlier this year, I had a talk with Bart Verwijst of Bethesda, and he told the most amazing stories about this game. Also, other gamers and fans of the series were really excited about this new installment. As a bonus, in the last trailer I saw you were going to be accompanied by a German Shepherd dog. That was the moment that it hit me; Yeah, I really should check out Fallout 4!

So when I received my copy of the game, I installed it and off I went. Just hearing the theme music of the game during the startup screen was enough to make me realize that this game was going to be epic! In a 1950's / 1960's setting I meet my wife and my son, Shaun. While standing in the bathroom and looking in the mirror I get to choose my appearance. This is something I never do in any game, so I went for the default appearance, as created by the developers. I must say, after seeing some of the creations other gamers have made, I somewhat regret not personalizing character. And for the first time since I've been gaming, I didnít go for the opportunity to play as a female. My god man, what is happening to me?!

The game's introduction leads me into Vault 111. "Why would anyone in their right mind want to live in a vault?", I can hear you think. Well, mostly because the world is turned into a nuclear shithole, so it's either: live in a Vault or become a disfigured, roughly human-shaped glow-stick. At some point, I find myself in a freeze-capsule-something-thingy. When I look around, I witness my wife being violently attacked and my son being kidnapped. And the worst part is: I canít do anything about it, because I just woke up after a nice 210-year sleep, which tends to impairs your ability to move quite a bit at first. So when I can finally move again and get out of my cryo-bed, itís already too late. My wife is dead and my son is gone. I manage to get out of Vault 111 and return to whatís left of my home. Soon Iíll discover several workbenches or stations, but I canít figure out what to do with them. I am still determined to find my son, so I start searching for some supplies to take with me on my journey and... I find the dog!!

That's it; my personal goal is already accomplished, I have my dog! Elated, I continue my travels and visit a little town whose inhabitants, who call themselves Minute-Men, are having trouble with a group of villains called Raiders. Naturally, I offer to help them, so they hook me up with a power armor suite. And thatís awesome. I can sustain more damage and have a mini-gun added to my inventory. Mwoohahaha!

The funny thing is that I usually prefer the third person perspective to the first person perspective. So Iím happy to see that Iím able to switch between both perspectives on the fly. But within an hour or two of playing, I discovered that Fallout 4 is made to played in First Person mode. Aiming just works better that way.

Eventually, I rescued the Minute Men and we all decided to live happily ever after in my former home town, we now call Sanctuary. I get an assignment and now the workbenches and stations I saw before, make more sense. I need them to build goods and save Sanctuary. I personally think that, for the gamers who have already played previous Fallout games, this is all a piece of cake. But to me it was a little overwhelming, I must say. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, I went to the store and bought myself a nice Fallout 4 strategy guide by Prima Games.

And no, Iím not ashamed at all. It helps me in to fully enjoy everything this game has to offer. This is why they make these guides, isnít it? It was like the famous Zelda quote says: "Itís dangerous to go alone, take this!" I was really happy to have this guide to help; there are a million ways to fine-tune your character and to play missions. If I use a strategy guide, I don't want it to bluntly tell me exactly where to go and what to do. This is something Prima Games does really well; they'll tell you how to do stuff, but they donít spoil the fun. So it's more like a shove in the right direction. A hefty, 300 page shove in the right direction. This Strategy Guide contains more than 300 pages of weaponry, enemies, list of everything you can craft and of course the storyline and its missions.

But, even with the help of the strategy guide, Fallout 4 is no walk in the park. It can still be tricky to complete missions; I died so many times that I would have made some undertaker a small fortune! But luckily for me, the developers of Bethesda implemented a great auto save system, so I didn't lose too much progress when I once more kicked the nuclear bucket! Not only is the 'Vault Dwellers Survival Guide' a useful tool when travelling through this devastated wasteland, it's also, in itself, a really beautiful piece of art. Everything in it looks awesome, just like I got to expect from a Prima Games Guide. It's filled to the brim with beautiful and clear pictures, artwork, maps and screenshots of the game.

So, using my wits, my guns and, occasionally, the strategy guide, I managed to save the people of Sanctuary from the Raiders. But, alas, after Sanctuary is okay, itís not actually happily ever after. There is a lot going on and your main goal is still to find out what happened to your son. Youíre really free to do whatever you want in Fallout 4 and itís up to you whether or not to continue the main quest right away. You could always take your time and complete a number of side-missions first, in order to gather extra XP, weapons and craft materials. In doing so, you can more easily upgrade your gear and your character, which ultimately helps you when you decide to go ahead and continue the main story mission, so itís good to take your time and see what else the game has to offer. And, may I add, itís not a punishment to spend some extra time in the beautiful world of Fallout 4.

I had a blast playing this game! Needless to say, I havenít finished the game yet, so I swear I will be back in a month or so to tell you more about Fallout 4 and the Strategy guide.

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November 10, 2015