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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 26, 2018

What an awesome weekend I had! True, I had to deal with some jealous friends (yes, I've seen your faces), when they heard that I was already playing Far Cry 5, but my mini vacation in Hope County was worth the effort. Let me tell you all about it and who knows; maybe after reading this, you want to travel down there yourself!

In Far Cry 5, you'll start the game at the beginning of your career as a deputy and something tells me no one will dare to call you a rookie after the events in Hope County. By the way, Far Cry 5 doesn't have a default main protagonist, which means you can choose gender, facial characteristics and clothing. Of course, you'll have access to a standard variety of options and as you progress through the game you can buy and unlock even more options. And if you login with your Ubiscoft Club account, you'll have access to some nice extras. So, after I carefully selecting my outfit (a girl always wants to look her best, right?) I was ready to go.

The main villain of the game is Joseph Seed, who is better known as The Father. He is a fanatic cult leader with a major screw loose. He wants to build a future for our children, Project Eden as he calls it. Now, this in itself is a noble calling, but Joseph has quite a few quirks that make things take a dark turn quite quickly. For on; You can either agree with him and join his noble cause or be wrong. As Joseph explains early on in the game; he didn't ask for this task, he is chosen! It's a bit weird to say this, but I love this antagonist. He's ruthless, totally crazy and has some insane ideas about how he wants to build his Eden and gather people for his cause which is, to say the least, not that humane.

That's what you'll see from the outside. But I must admit, when you hear him explain why he does what he does, I kind of get his ideas and even thought they were not that bad. Building a safe world for our next generation in which there is no corruption, violence and pollution, is actually a good idea, right? However, the way in which he tries to accomplish his dream is not that noble at all. Thumbs up for the developers and writers, who managed to mislead me in such excellent way.

In your fight against Joseph Seed you will also come across his siblings; John, Faith and Jacob. Now, I know about siblings, I have a sister and two brothers myself (I'm the oldest and the oldest is always the wisest and most responsible one, right?). But in this case, it doesn't matter which of the Seed siblings you face; they're all mad! Lucky for you, you don't have to do all the hard work by yourself. As you make your way through the intricately crafted story, you will encounter a number of people who will help you in your fight.

Roughly speaking, there are two groups that can help you overthrow Joseph and his minion. The first one you'll meet are the Guns for Hire. During the game you can hire several characters and add them to your team. Up to three characters can be added at any given time. By completing missions you can also recruit additional people; these guys often have a specialty which can be really useful when in a tight spot. For example, a character that can aid you with airborne support. Especially when you're dealing with a big fight in which several reinforcement waves arrive, this can mean the difference between life and death. The second group is definitely my favorite; Fangs for Hire! Maybe, when you followed the news from Ubisoft about his game, you've heard about Boomer, the dog. A very useful companion who will fight by your side, attack enemies and even fetch weapons for you. I don't want to spoil anything, but you can recruit more animals along the way!

The open world of Hope County, Montana is really beautiful. Think mountains, rivers and lots of different wild animals. Even the map screen looks awesome! The first time I opened the map, I was blown away! Instead of a flat map, you'll see the difference in depth and everything is in isometric 3D. There are many, many missions for you to complete and travelling through the world itself is a real treat! You can walk or take one of the vehicles that are at your disposal. I personally love the quad or the car with a machine gun on top so a companion can shoot enemies! And what about a cool river boat or even a helicopter? I even flew one of those biplanes, which meant I could even land on water. And, in my book, that is awesome!

I know Far Cry 5 is a game that many people have been looking forward to and I don't think anyone of them is going to be disappointed. It's a big world out there, filled with great characters and a plethora of options and missions. Plus, the game handles very well and looks truly awesome! This sixth installment in the Far Cry series (don't forget Primal) is truly majestic and a crowning achievement in terms of gaming!

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March 27, 2018