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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 16, 2018

I was so thrilled when I found out there was a new game from the hand of the great people of Zoink Games coming our way. I love their first title Stick it to the Man and had a blast while playing the second title Zombie Vikings. The guys of Zoink Games are going to show us just how diverse they can be with their latest game: Fe.

Fe comes from the Swedish word for fairy, but the developers didn't want to create a standard fairy creature. Instead, they opted for a sort of little fox-like creature with glow-in-the-dark details and with the ability to learn as you progress through the game.

During the intro this tiny creature wakes up in a beautiful blue world. I start walking around and I discover a deer which, of course, I decide to follow. Soon after that, I came across a plant and the on screen instructions told me to sing to it. Yes ladies and gentlemen, in this game you can sing to plants. You don't need to worry about your singing quality, because in Fe there is a button to sing. By pushing down a trigger button gently or hard, you can raise or lower the pitch of your voice. If you hit the right note the plant will connect with you. It will manipulate the world and in this case flowers appeared, so I could jump on a ledge that was out of reach up till then and continue my adventure. I'm loving this already!

A couple of minutes later, I discover that the singing thing not on ly works on plants, but also on animals. Woohoo, how cute is that? Having animals as an ally can really be an advantage. What about riding a deer through the forest or flying high in the sky on the back of a bird? And you'll need them, because sometimes a plant requires the song of a specific animal to work. But there is a catch; you can't just sing to any animal. Sometimes you simply haven't mastered the language of a specific animal yet, but don't worry; as you progress the game you'll learn more and more languages.

While making your way through the wonderfully magical world of Fe, you can access a mini-map at all times. A very useful feature, because in this world, where everything is either dark or has a definite neon light-like quality, I sometimes struggled to find my way. It's very handy to have a mini-map at that moment, to check if you are still on course. Or you could also use the more "spiritual" way by singing. With your singing you'll attract little guide birds that can also show you the way.

Now it might sound like Fe has a lot in common with games like Journey (Santa Monica Studio) and Aer (Daedalic Entertainment). And while have some minor similarities, Fe makes you interact with the environment a lot more. Fe also has something the other two titles lack: enemies. These dark entities are called the Silent Ones. The best way of surviving is to avoid them, but they definitely complicate your way a couple of times. There are different types of enemy creatures; they all have their own purpose, but the principle of avoiding them stays the same.

Although instructions will be given to you at certain points in the game, it's not like the developers give it all away in one go. At one point the game directed me into a cave and the enemy creature there was destroyed by bigger creature. And now it was up to me to collect the egg he had stolen. It took me quite some time to figure out how to defeat this enemy, but in the end I managed to reclaim the stolen egg and make my way out of there in one piece! Just keep your eyes open at all times and sing to every object you come across, because it just might contain a crucial hint that you will need sooner or later.

Fe is an experience which is truly relaxing, but also challenging from time to time. The environments are beautifully created and to use singing as a form of interaction, is nothing short of brilliant. Zoink Games showed that they are an awesome game studio with original ideas. Better yet, they bring said ideas to the world in the form of great quality games!

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Zoink Games & EA
February 16, 2018