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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on December 17, 2014

Chase Flies and hunt them down. Hmm... could that be a valid concept for a videogame? The people at Steel Wool Games and Ripstone must have been thinking something along these lines, and we at DumeeGamer.com couldnít be happier that they did!

Youíre a fluffy littleÖ something and your job is be the best janitor ever and keep the spaceship you work on squeaky clean. The spaceship in question currently carries five containers, each containing a rare species of flies. Unfortunately, your ships crashes and youíre the only crew member left alive. A nearby space commander is trying to reach the highest ranking crewmember on board the crashed vessel, and as luck would have it, that crewmember is... you. So now itís up to you to hit the unknown road, find all the missing flies and bring them back.

The path your adventure takes you is long, twisted and paved with danger. Youíre about the size of an index finger and the world is a dangerous place, especially when youíre that small. Bugs, spiders and frogs are trying to kill or eat you, not to mention the dangers that electricity or water hold.

As desperate as this situation might seem, youíre not completely lost. You are armed with a Fly Swatter and a zapper, for which you can buy three upgrades each. If you keep an eye out while traversing the stages, pretty soon you will have enough money to unlock all the upgrades.

Each different stage ends when you catch the missing fly. So five flies mean five stages. By the time I reached the end of the third stage I upgraded both of my weapons. This is the point when you will notice itís a game aimed at a specific audience: kids. This is however the only thing that indicates the game's main demography. Because although that children are the main target audience, the game isnít that simple. I died quit a lot of times before I complete an episode, and my childhood is well behind me.

Speaking of dying in Flyhunter Origins, I don't think I ever had this much fun failing while playing a game. I really like the way your game is saved or should I say; the moment the game explains how the checkpoints and respawning works. When you pass a Clone-o-Matic, you automatically reach a checkpoint. If you somehow die, you will restart your game from there. The way they explained this principle is hilarious! Only that is already worth the £4.99 / Ä6.99/ $6.99, which is the going retail price.

This game looks very good on the PS Vita. The graphics are beautiful and the sounds are good. The only thing that noticed was that when a carnivorous plant claps shut its jaws, clapping sound played a little ahead of the actual animation. But this is nothing to get your panties in a twist over. You get used to this minor mishap very quickly, so it doesnít ruin your fun.

Flyhunter Origins is a straight up side scrolling platform game for about 90% of the time, although in some episodes you'll have to fly around to catch the elusive flies. You'll have to be smart and use the boost bubbles strewn across the stage to catch up to them and then whack them right out of the air. I love whacking things!

Flyhunter Origins is a fun game that offers more than enough of a challenge to be called a game worth your time and money. It might not be as difficult as some other games in this genre, but it can surely compete with them, not least because of its great looking visuals and fun gameplay. The humor put into this game is great! And the sweet-looking main protagonist will steal your hear right away.

available on:

Steel Wool Games & Ripstone
December 10, 2014 (PC & PS Vita)
November 13, 2014 (iOS & Android)