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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 29, 2016

Ever feel like you want to be in a fighting arena? Cameraís all around to show the world your greatest moves or most glorious death? This is what it feels like to be a gladiator in the great arenas of the world of Forced Showdown. What?! You didnít think I was talking about the real thing, did you?

Forced Showdown is a deck building game. Normally, this isnít my cup of tea, but after watching the announcement trailer, I knew this was a game I really needed to try. And after a couple of rounds I actually got the hang of it. Iím not calling myself an expert of course, but let me try to explain why I had so much fun playing this game.

As just mentioned, Forced Showdown is a deck building game, or as the developers of BetaDwarf call it: Spectacular Deck-building Twin Stick Rogue-lite. To start I have to choose my champion for this show. I choose a big bad looking warrior called Squire of Light and lucky for me he has a light beam as a weapon. This way, I can keep some distance between me and my enemies and still attack them.

And that is something I needed, because health is really an issue for me. I usually play adventure/shooters/hack and slash games, so Iím used to throwing my character into a horde of enemies, start swinging and fight my way out of it. And, and this is important, use regeneration or health packs once in a while. But this is not how things work in Forced Showdown; youíll have to be a little more strategic in your approach.

Every round, before you enter the arena, starts with playing a card. Depending on your amount of mana, you can play one or more cards. These cards will restore your health or add special powers to your arsenal. The first couple of rounds I just use my mana to restore my health, but I realized quickly that without the special powers, this game can be very hard to compete against. So I learned to dodge the attacks of my opponents and keep my health at an acceptable level for a couple of rounds.

So, after dodging and just generally being careful for a few rounds, I finally had enough mana to spend on special power cards and thatís where the fun begins. These cards let you add more damage to your attacks, or start every round with a shield. And if youíre really lucky, you can get your hands on cards which will summon a companion to fight at your side in the arena. Every round you play, you gather more Mana points and the game tutorial advices you to spend that Mana every single round. A good advice I must say, because unspent Mana points will no longer be available to you for use in the next round.

The graphics of Forced Showdown are just awesome! It looks brilliant and beautiful and together with the fantastic (rock inspired) soundtrack and the funny comments of the showís host, Forced Showdown can only be described as THE complete package of awesomeness! I just love the artwork on the cards, it really matches everything else in the game. And I donít want to spoil anything, but if youíre so unfortunate as to die in the arena, the following text will be displayed: ďAt least it was fun to watch!"

And what is a deck building game without the ability to build your own decks? As you progress through the game, you will unlock and/or earn cards, which you can use to build your own custom deck. Apart from this, there will be even more stuff to unlock, like characters and their corresponding decks and companions.

If youíre thinking about buying this game for yourself, thereís more good news. Last weekend the developers started a nice launch campaign. People who already owned the game could broadcast their play-through via Twitch. And the more people that watch these broadcasts, the higher the discount will be at launch day. At this very moment (Monday March 28, 2016 Ė 16.02 hours) the discount is already more then $2.

Yeah, I just love this one. Everything about Forced Showdown looks great, plays well and is a lot of fun! Even playing the game with a controller brought a great big smile to my face. I can and will recommend Forced Showdown to anyone who wants to play a great card building game, filled with humor and featuring an easy to learn control scheme and gameplay system. I dare you all to enter this galactic game show. Enlist today, become a legend tomorrow!

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March 29, 2016