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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 17, 2017

Who do you want to be? A bold knight, a brute Viking or a deadly samurai? It's time to make up your mind, because For Honor is right at our doorstep!

To be honest, I saw Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams play the beta of this game and I was a little worried that I would never be able to play it. When I saw all the battle mechanics you can use in For Honor, I was a little overwhelmed and thought I could never master that. But I was worrying for nothing. The tutorial in this game is really helpful and the controls and battle techniques are easy to learn and feel really intuitive. So within five minutes, I was ready to go. Just point me in the direction of the danger!

First things first, time to choose your favorite faction. It's not like it has a major influence on the game itself in terms of core gameplay, but it's always nice to be able to choose a preferred style. It will actually matter when you're going to enter the multiplayer battlefields. Oh, you can't wait to hear more about the multiplayer? Well I will talk about that first and then we go to the single player mode. Especially for you all. Now, who said Samurai never listen?

Yes, you might have guessed it by now, I entered the battlefields as a Samurai. The map of the multiplayer mode shows you the three original areas of the factions in this game. But there are battles going on everywhere. So you might discover that knights are taking lands which belonged to the Vikings. Or that Vikings has made their way to the lands of the Samurai. Or that the Samurai are very successfully taking over the entire world map, mwoohahaha!

Before you can enter the multiplayer mode, first you'll have to defeat your faction leader. It's not a big boss fight that takes an hour to complete, it's just a nice way to confirm that you know what you're doing. I think that's a good thing; this way, you're always sure to be in a team with people that have at least a little a experience, so they can really help your faction on the road to victory.

The teams are always equally balanced. In one battle against Vikings, my team had was composed of a level 12, two level 3 and one level 2 players. The Vikings had a level 10, a level 5, a level 4 and a level 3 player. If you see that kind of numbers, you know this is going to be an honorable fight, right?

So the multiplayer is cool, but how about the single player mode? Well, in one word: awesome! At the start of every new level you get to choose the difficulty level: easy, normal, hard and realistic. The realistic difficulty is really a challenge; very limited resources and just one life?! In short, there is always the right kind of challenge for you.

In For Honor, the warlord Apollyon takes control of the knights of the Blackstone Legion. You start this story as a knight and it's really cool how it's decided that you are going to join Apollyon. The story goes smoothly from the knights to the Vikings and after that the Samurai. Everything seems interconnected with one another and the main characters are asking themselves constantly if they are indeed fighting with and for honor.

Without spoiling any of the fun, I just have to say that, at some point in the game, you will be going after someone on horseback. That level, with all the horse riding, avoiding all kind of obstacles and fighting opponents at the same time, is really awesome. I was smiling and shouting of sheer joy the whole level! Good job, Ubisoft!

With For Honor, Ubisoft shows yet again that they can literally do anything! Whether it is a happy feel-good game like Rayman, stealth games like the Assassin's Creed series, an open world game in the current time setting like Watch Dogs and now even a spectacular action fighting game: For Honor. Ubisoft, I bow to you, with honor.

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February 14, 2017