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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 3, 2017

Last weekend, gamers from around the globe were able to join the open beta of Ghost Recon: Wildlands. I was very curious to see for myself exactly how wild these lands were going to be. So join me on this great adventure!

The full game will be released on March 7, but last weekend we could take a sneak peak. As soon as you start the game, Sebastian Le Preste of the development team gives you a quick introduction and a big thanks for your interest in their upcoming game. I must say, I like that: A personal message from the development team. It adds that certain little something to the gaming experience.

After this brief introduction, it's time to customize your character. You can choose gender (of course I choose for female), clothing and gear. For every clothes item you select, you can also can choose specific colors and patterns and the choices you have are varied enough. In short: everything is customizable to your own preferences.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is set in the region of Itacua. The introduction tells you how a former agent, Sandoval, was captured and killed by a cartel. The big boss of this whole nasty organization is El Sueno. So basically, it's up to you and your awesome team og Ghost Recon badasses to eliminate all the evil caused by this villain and make Itacua as safe as possible. Easy right?

During the game you'll receive tutorial tips about the basic game mechanics. Ghost Recon Wildslands has a lot of options that let you evaluate the situation at hand and help you decide what the best approach is. You have a drone, binoculars, mines, flares, a map, everything to help you on your mission. By using your drone or binoculars you can spot and tag your enemies, so you can reduce the change of being surprised by unseen opponents. Instead, you are able to surprise them with a stealth attack and eliminate them one by one.

Of course you can always choose to throw yourself right into the firefight, but it's obvious that this is not how the developers meant for the game to be played. Your teammates can only heal you once per fight, so choose your approach wisely. The same can be said about choosing your teammates. When you play by yourself, you can't choose your team, but Ghost Recon Wildslands offers you a coop mode up to four players. Working with a great team that has your back if necessary is a valuable thing, especially in this game. Keep an eye out for each other and flank those bastards!

I don't know if it is a coincidence that the title is Wildlands, which kind of gives you the idea that these lands are big, which is absolutely the case. This Ghost Recon game has a big map, a lot of side missions, unknown areas, etcetera. It has become much more than only a single player story mission and a multiplayer mode. These open world games are very popular nowadays, so I'm very curious to know how this change is going to work out for Ubisoft. But I can tell you, it all looks beautiful and works very well.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands has taken all the awesome elements of the Ghost Recon series and combined them with an open world game. I'm becoming a fan of these open world games more and more, and from what I've seen and experience during this beta, I'm convinced that this is going to be a great game. Baby, it's a wild world!

available on:

March 7, 2017 (Full game)