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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 15, 2018

Wouldn't it be awesome to be a wizard? I would love to cast spells. Every time I start with a game where I can select a character, I always select the magic class, though I know I will eventually exchange it for a warrior class. (I just like to have the option of close combat, when things get nasty) Nevertheless, I'm still waiting for my invitation for Hogwarts. But in the meantime it can't do any harm to have some additional practice, am I right?

Enter, Gift of Parthax; a top-down, magical arena fighting game in pixel style and very good news for all the fans of magic and wizards out there. Before we are able to start our adventure, we need to set a difficulty. If you choose Normal mode and die, you will only lose some of your collected gold and knowledge you have earned by playing and completing levels. If choose Hardcore mode and perish, however, your demise will result in permadeath, losing everything you've done so far. Your save game will reset and you have to start from the beginning. Talk about a challenge!

In this game, you take the role of Arif. There is a war going on between the Citizens of Duredyll and the magically gifted, called Mages. Arif decided to flee from the kingdom together with his friend Veleus. But alas, during their escape they are captured by a group of agents sent from the capital of Duredyll and they are thrown into the dungeons. And their bad luck doesn't stop there. One day Veleus was sentenced to fight for his life in the Grand Arena where he fought valiantly. In the heat of battle Veleus was struck down. Arif is still in the dungeon and hears about a critical condition his best friend is in. He decides to break out of his cell and go to the grand Arena. You'll soon learn that your friend Veleus is cursed by his opponent, Parthax. While this evil mage is still alive, the curse can't be lifted, only delayed. It's up to you to find this Parthax and defeat him to save your friend.

And now for the part we've all been waiting for, the magic spells! You have four slots for spells and one slot for a mighty arch spell. You can select the spells via your spell book, which contains all the spells you've learnt so far. You can enter your spellbook at any time except during a fight. During the game you can buy runes, which you can combine with a spell to make the spell more powerful. And if you manage to fight your way through a season and beat its champion, you will then be rewarded with an arch spell. Arch spells are very powerful and the only way to collect them is to kill the owner of that spell. That way it will pass on from the defeated owner to the successor which, in this case, is you.

So, it's battle time! As soon as you've entered the arena, the first wave of enemies will appear. During the very first arena, running around and shooting my basic spell was enough to survive. But the battles become increasingly more difficult as you progress through the game. As mentioned before, after every completed Arena, you learn new spells. Make sure to consult your spell book after every completed arena, to select and equip the best spells in your book. And also make a stop at the shop keeper to buy runes and potions.

Every time you enter the arena you should really pay attention the season challenge because it tells you about the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies. The battles in the arena will take place in waves. I completed the first season, which happened to be spring, without a single death; I even managed to defeat the boss without a single death on my part. But during the first arena of the second season, Summer, was my first time to fail and die. Immediately, I remembered hardcore mode with its permadeath and I was so happy I chose Normal mode, or else I would have to do the whole spring season all over again.

Gift of Parthax is a very cool game in which you really get that mighty wizard feeling. I know I did! It starts of easy, so you have all the time to learn about the basic mechanics of the game. But after that it's a typical example of an "easy to learn, hard to master" game. The spells and the runes to upgrade them are really awesome. And you'll need them, because in the arena only one can walk out alive and the best outcome for you is if you are the last mage standing!

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Foldergeist Studios & 1C Publishing
September 12, 2018