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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 11, 2019

I actually didn't know what to think of Greedfall when I first heard about it. I watched a couple of trailers and was thinking that I would probably love it till the moon and back because of the setting, or would be very disappointed because of difficult combat. The time has finally come to check out the game for myself and see what's what!

Greedfall is an action RPG which is set in a fictional city that goes by the name of Serene. The protagonists of the game are two members of the De Sardet family. I chose the female version during the character setup, so I will be playing the game as Lady de Sardet, who is a cousin of the governor and about to set sail on a journey to the island of Teer Fradee. "Why?", I hear you ask? Well, as one might suspect, mankind thirst for expansion and colonization is always present and some people are always on the lookout for new ways to enrich themselves. Such a possibility now presents itself in the form of the island of Teer Fradee, filled with fabled riches and other mysterious artifacts. It is your job to travel there and start building a new life for your people.

But before we can actually set sail, we have a couple of things to do. Well, I say a couple, but the list just keeps growing. This is where the side missions come into play. Now you of course could skip them, they're only side missions, but why miss out on all the fun, right? While playing various missions in Serene, you'll learn all about the basics of the game, get to know your hometown better and, of course, level up. Although I didn't have any problem with the controls or gameplay, I suspected the open waters and the new island are places where you only want to go if you're totally prepared. So, don't be lazy and complete those tasks!

The (side) missions actually bring me to a very cool feature of Greedfall: making decisions. During some missions, you'll have a choice to change the follow up. So, it's not just simply working your way through the list of waypoints. For example, during one mission you'll need to decide whether you'd rather clear out some guards in a warehouse by brute force, or prepare a drink, laced with sleeping pills, sending said guards to dreamland without the use of any force. Another way to influence the game is through your answers and responses during conversations. Sometimes, you can choose between several different responses that influence the way people react to you. Will you go for a confrontation or use your charisma to solve problems? Think ahead and choose wisely in those situations...

After two and a half hours I was finally ready to board a ship and set sail towards Teer Fradee. It was during the following cutscene that the Greedfall title is shown for the first time. Okay, so this was just the introduction? Greedfall will offer you hours and hours of gameplay. The map is big and every area you visit, contains new missions for you to complete. You will also meet new people, which sometimes can become a party member and subsequently accompany you on your travels and fight alongside you if you run into trouble.

A big plus in Greedfall is its excellent use of background music. Whether you're in the menu, or in the actual game, the background music will always complement the scene at hand. Now, let's be totally honest; the game does have its flaws, but these are minor graphical glitches or some strange behavior of NPCs. These flaws are really minor and in no way a game breaker. Plus, the issues you might encounter are eclipsed by the sheer amount of fun there is to be had while playing Greedfall. If you keep in mind that Greedfall was not developed by a huge triple A studio with a team of hundreds of people, these minor issues just fade into the (really beautiful!) background.

Greedfall is a really good game. It offers hours of gameplay, a cast of interesting characters and a very nice story about loyalty and friendship, struggle and deceit. It also shows the struggles of people in times of epidemic diseases and that knowing right from wrong isn't always as easy as you would expect it to be. Personally, I thought it's a great game; one that deserves to be played by everyone who loves a good action RPG. Greedfall is a game you can really sink your teeth in and you'll be sucked into its beautiful world and cool story in no time flat! So do yourself a favor and set sail for Teer Fradee!

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September 10, 2019