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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 8, 2019

Wouldn't it be great to be a doctor? Saving lives, being important and you always know what to do in any given situation. Or maybe things will not be as great as they seem? Well, for one specific medical student things are getting pretty steamed up. I'm talking about student Allison Heart and her journey to become a fully fledged doctor!

Now, Allison has already had a pretty exciting adventure up till now. If you're interested in that, you should really go for the full experience and play Heart's Medicine 1, 2 and 3. Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath is the fourth installment in the Heart's Medicine series and we meet up with Allison on her first day being an intern at a hospital. She barely makes it on time and her day starts with meeting her supervisor, Dr. Ermey. He runs a pretty tight ship at the hospital and he is not that impressed by Allison. Then a patient with a very strange and unknown disease is brought in and all the interns get a chance to find the cause of this disease. As you might imagine, if one of them is able to cure it. well, let's just say that that person can work anywhere he or she likes.

Heart's Medicine is a time management game, so it's up to you to give the incoming patients the treatment they need and manage to do that as fast and efficient as you can. The main story has six different locations and each room has its own treatments, stations and mini-games. Patients will enter the stage, wait for their turn, get one (or more) treatments and then wait by the counter for check out, after which they take their leave. There are bonuses for quick actions and checking out more than one patient at the counter.

Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath is the first installment in the series to be a free-to-play game. Every level you play will cost you twenty energy points. At the start of the game, you will have an energy bar of one hundred and ten points, so after a couple of levels you can either stop playing and wait until the energy bar replenishes itself, or you can buy items to refill the bar right away and keep playing; It's totally up to you! Besides having an energy shop, there are many different things to buy which make your life easier. But again, whether you buy these items or not is totally up to you. You don't have to pay a dime to actually continue playing and finish the game. Paying for stuff is optional; it only serves to cut down waiting times.

What I love most about Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath is its story. When you view the level map screen, you'll see there are sixty main story levels, which tell you about Allison and the struggles she'll be up against on her way to becoming a doctor, as well as noteworthy occurrences in her personal life. It's Stuff that everyone can probably relate to, like love, family and working really hard for something you really want. It's a touching story and Allison is an easy-to-relate-to character. Besides those story levels there's a lot of other stuff to do. Each level has an objective to complete and the overly cute guinea pig, Oliver, will appear in each level and it's your job to tap on him when he does. There are also special Oliver levels, which can be compared to a whack-a-mole game. You'll find them on the map as side levels. Other types of side levels are challenge levels, time trial levels and mini-game levels. In short, there are more than enough levels to play, challenges to complete and Olivers to catch.

If you like time management games, I personally think you're really going to like Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath. It's a challenging game with a very good story and being Allison is loads of fun! The game actually gets more difficult as you progress and has a lot of nice extra's. Last March, the so called Elite mode was added, which challenges you to play the same levels once more but, this time, on a higher level of difficulty. Complete with twelve new Elite Challenges, a new Oliver and two brand new story videos, which add more depth into the story, the Elite mode is a good way to replay your favorite moments of Heart's Medicine: Doctor's Oath.

Besides the regular levels, the game also lets you play around with the interior of the house in which Allison lives and the Lost and Found feature offers you the chance to find lost messages throughout the game that, once again, add more story for you to enjoy! And still there is a poster at the end of the game saying that "more is coming soon". I think it's clear that the developers are definitely planning on making a new Heart's Medicine in the near future, and I will be anxiously awaiting its arrival!

available on:

Blue Giraffe & GameHouse
October 2018 (iOS)
January 2019 (Android)