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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on August 21, 2020

Dying light, the awesome parcour-running and zombie-killing adventure in Harran, has to be one of my all-time favorite games. I love a good story, especially when said story is set in a post-apocalyptic-like setting in which I can shoot loads and loads of zombies. Luckily, Dying Light offers me exactly that. But wait; the fun doesn't stop there!

The original Dying Light game was released back in 2015 and garnered a loyal following. I think that might be the reason that, a year later, the developers came up with an expansion called... the Following. This huge expansion offers you a brand new adventure in the Dying Light universe. I'd also like to point out that the development team at Techland make sure you have plenty reasons to come back to the game on a regular basis. I joined (and enjoyed) several community events during which we had to earn enough points as a huge group, so all the participants would receive some nice extras at the end of the event. I'm talking about special weapons, paint jobs and outfits, for example.

And now it's time for Hellraid, another brand new adventure to enjoy, set in a very different universe. one with skeletons, swords and sorcery! Originally, Hellraid was going to be a mod for Dead Island, another cool zombie game developed by Techland. But before long, they decided to make it into a full game, under the working title of Project Hell. Then Dying Light happened and the focus of the Techland crew shifted to that game and Project Hell got put on hold for the time being. Well, for the time being became indefinitely, until someone in the development team decided that they still saw a bright future for Project Hell. So they took what they had, changed the title to Hellraid and turned it into a very cool DLC for Dying Light.

Hellraid is accessible via an honest to god arcade machine, located in the safety of the tower with survivors in the slums. Via the aforementioned arcade machine, we open up a portal and step into a more medieval looking surrounding. We find ourselves in a huge tower, containing three floors filled with all kinds of hell spawn for us to slay. Our main goal is simple: collect three shards so we can open the way to the treasures of the Forgotten Tower. Now, you might think this will be an easy task because you've collected so many cool upgrades, awesome abilities and amazing weapons while playing Dying Light and all its DLC. Well, I'm sorry to tell you that to you might have to forget about them because, as soon as you enter Hellraid, everything in your inventory will be transported to your stash. You simply enter the game with the item or items that are in the weapon chest at the start of Hell Raid. And, oh yeah, you have only three lives to complete this mission. In other words, if you die a third time before you complete this mission, you will have to start all over again.

I must say that I was a bit disappointed when I first entered Hellraid and found my awesome arsenal gone without a trace. But, on the other hand, I came round pretty quickly, because while playing Hell Raid, you'll find a veritable plethora of awesome weaponry on your path, most of which have very cool and self-explanatory names. My personal favorite is the Head Smasher, which does exactly what its name indicates. There are also a lot of new throwable weapons out there for you to use against the various monsters and skeletons that inhabit the Forgotten Tower and stand between you and victory. And, last but not least, there is a new skill route for you to unlock. So you see, Hellraid offers more than enough for you to enjoy.

Now, I'm not gonna lie here; Hellraid is not for players who usually give things only one try. It's designed to play more than once. You can't just run in and slay everything in your way. You have to consider your stamina as per usual in Dying Light, make the most out of your health items and always keep an eye out for flanking enemies. And of course this game is playable in four player Co-op, so if things really get messy, you can always invite friends or other players to join your noble quest and share in the fun!

I have played Hellraid seven times already and the seventh time I was able to make it to the end fight (at least, the fight of which I suspect it is the end fight), but then unfortunately I died and had to start all over again. The fun part is that you keep getting better and better every time you re-enter the dungeons and in this case I truly like it that the dungeon itself doesn't change after every round. This enables you to prepare yourself better and lets you remember where things got too hard the last time around.

Personally, I had a blast while playing Hellraid and I'm looking forward to the already announced updates and expansions for this cool DLC. It's a great way to spend even more time in my beloved Harran and an excellent way to pass the time while anxiously waiting for Dying Light 2 to arrive!

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August 14, 2020