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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 8, 2020

Heart's Medicine - Doctor's Oath has been out for mobile devices for almost two years now. Since then, a huge number of players have already enjoyed this fourth installment in the Heart's Medicine series on their iOS or Android phone anywhere they want. But some people prefer to play their favorite games on PC, so one of the most asked questions at the Blue Giraffe studio was: "When PC?" Well ladies and gentlemen, we have your answer right here: "Now PC!"

In the Heart's Medicine series we follow the exploits of a young woman named Allison Heart. Allison's most heartfelt dream is to become a doctor and help people. Now, we all know you can't just become a doctor, you have to go to school for a long time. But Allison is not deterred by that in any way and starts her adventure. In this fourth game, she has to fulfill rotations and her internship in order to complete her study and finally become a fully-fledged doctor! But, as you might suspect, more challenges (other than just those that are presented by her study) will cross her path. Prepare yourself for a great story which has it all: sickness, happiness, death, friendship and love.

When you start the game you will see an intro video which shows you some glimpses of the more intense moments of the game and at the end we see Allison sitting in a chair. Her hair is all messy and. Wait, is that a hospital shirt she's wearing? There isn't that much time to think about what I just saw, because the game immediately directs me to the first level, which serves as the tutorial to the basic gameplay of Heart's Medicine. I think it's great when the tutorial is integrated into an actual level. This way, I can immediately start playing the game and learn about the basics as I go.

Heart's Medicine - Doctor's Oath is a time management game. Patients will enter the room, in need of some kind of treatment. Click on the patient with your cursor and click on the station they need to go to for that specific treatment and (if needed) click on additional treatment items. When your treatment is a success, the patient is happy and healthy once again and will walk to the check-out counter. By curing patients and, in doing so, directing them towards the checkout counter, you'll earn heart which you'll need later on to buy items in the shop and also to level-up. In the mobile version of this game you are able to watch ads to double your score, that's one of the free-to-play mechanics that you will not see in this PC version. Personally, I don't miss the add watching, but I do miss the additional hearts in my wallet, of course.

Your score at the end of a level also results in a certain amount of stars. You can earn a maximum of five stars per level. You'll need these stars to open Star-locks so you can continue on your quest. After every level you will return to the map, where you can decide which level you want to play next. Some routes on the map (including the main road) are locked by the aforementioned Star-locks and this is where your hard-earned stars come into play. Luckily, there are many extra levels apart from the main road and you can always revisit a level in which you didn't earn all five stars and try to earn more. In the first half of the first room it's relatively easy to earn all five stars at once, but in the following five rooms it actually becomes harder and harder to earn all five of them.

The PC version of this game contains Normal Mode which, as the name implies, is the standard mode in which the game is meant to be played. However, when you finish Normal mode, you'll unlock Elite Mode, which is basically the same game as Normal Mode, but there are new upgrades cards available in the shop, there's a new patient type, twelve new levels and a brand new mini-game! Now, to be honest, the mobile version of the game actually has more to offer: a daily play mode, themed events with additional stories and two brand new chapters. This version is free-to-play, so you can join that party whenever you like. So, which of the versions should you play? Well, if you only want the basic story without an energy system and ads, the PC version is definitely the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to see even more of Allison's story, play new levels and enjoy themed events, the mobile version is just right up your ally.

What makes Heart's Medicine - Doctor's Oath really stand out is its story. I've played a couple of other time management games myself and none of them had such an intense story. Allison is a character who always want to do "the right thing", have a laugh and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. But she also gets confused and doesn't always know how to stand up for herself. I think that, in that respect, a lot of women can relate to her. I know I do, at least.

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June 25, 2020