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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on November 12, 2020

Back in the 90's, when I was still a teenager, going on my 20's, we had the first PlayStation in our home, which I used extensively to play a racing game called Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Now mind you, this was a long time ago so I won't remember every little detail anymore, but what I do remember how cool it was to race in an awesome car and escape from the police! Yes, I have awesome memories playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Years later, in 2010, Criterion Games developed a reboot of my beloved game, which I sadly missed at the time, because I was doing significantly less gaming at the time. So, as you can probably imagine, I'm positively thrilled to play the remaster of this game, which launched last week!

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a racing game that has always looked good. Back in their respective day, both the 1999 and 2010 version looked really awesome. You could select a car (I always had a sports car and painted it in orange) and unlock even more vehicles by completing races. What made Hot Pursuit stand out was indeed the police cars that would chase you if you were speeding (so yes, they chased you all the time). It felt great when you were fast or smart enough to escape from the police. So for me this element needed to be in the remaster, or else I would be very disappointed.

I started the game and after completing my first race I was a little disappointed, because it didn't feel like the game that I know from more than 20-years ago. (yes, I know this is a remaster of the 2010 game but, as I already said, I didn't play that one.) Where were the police cars? And why isn't orange an option in the paint jobs anymore? Just when I was about to burst into tears, my husband asked me what the last option was when selecting your cars' color. It appears to be the custom paint option, which even made it possible for me to paint the entire car pink, yay! And while this is all good fun, the Need for Speed series is, as one would suspect from its title, about going really fast while racing your behind off. So, back to the speeding, shall we?

I needed two attempts on the first race, because the first time I ended sixth, which is last. Hmmm, slightly less arcade racing than I remember. Now, I'm not one for quitting, so I got right back in there and the second time I finished third. This gave me the confidence I needed to enter the next race. And that's when that nostalgic feeling came back because, before long, police cars entered the stage and I had to drive like crazy to keep ahead of them while still trying to win the race of course! When I was almost at the finish I saw a straight road ahead of me, so I thought: let's put the pedal to the metal! But I didn't notice that the police had set up a road block. Luckily, I was going so fast that I busted right through it and finished second. I was woohoo-ing on the couch!

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered offers you two basic gameplay modes: a Single-player Career mode and a multiplayer mode. In Career mode, you can choose to enter the road as racer or police, depending on the mission at hand. On the map you can select both racer and police missions, depending on whatever you like best, or follow both careers to see both sides of the story. The fun thing here is that you actually building two careers; one as an outlaw racer and one as a tough police officer, taking to the streets like a high speed Dirty Harry. To select a race, you will be guided to a map where you can select a race location. Each location has multiple races for you to complete, but not all races will be available from the start. You will have some unlocking to do. By completing races you will also unlock more race locations on the map. You can imagine that your map will be quite full after a while, in other words: there is more than enough for you to do. And this is only the Career mode.

Do you like to play racing games with friends or other players? If so, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered has you covered with its multiplayer mode! I love the fact that cross-play is implemented, so you can connect and play with friends and other members of the need for Speed community, regardless of what platform they play on. You can enable cross-play from the game settings but not during game play, so decide upfront what you want to do.

And what's a racing game without several cars to choose from and customize them to your own liking? The most important thing in this respect is, of course, the paint of the car. There are a number of predetermined colors and there even is an option to customize your paint in any color you want (like pink!). And the fun doesn't stop there! Both as racer and as cop, you can earn the right to use cool gadgets, which open up an entire avenue of possibilities as far as thwarting your opponents' plans and keeping them at bay is concerned. When you play as a racer, these gadgets are used to keep opponents at bay and outrun the police, and when you're playing as said police, the gadgets are used to catch those nasty speedsters that make the roads an unsafe place to drive.

One of the most basic of all these gadgets is the Turbo Boost. Using it will give you an extra boost of speed, so you can overtake opponents or get away from the police. When used, the Turbo Boost meter depletes. When it's empty. no more boost for you! Luckily, you can refill the meter by behaving dangerously, like driving on the wrong side of the road, almost hitting oncoming cars but swerving at the last moment, or going into a drift and take tight turns this way. Basically, doing what you normally wouldn't while behind the wheel of a car, will earn you boost points really fast. Apart from the gadgets and the cars, Need for Speed also comes with another neat feature; the use of auto-logs. This clever game mechanic keeps track of your results and shares them with your friends. This way you can see recommendations for races, based on what your friends did. And of course you can see their best time and try to utterly obliterate it by doing even better.

I had a blast playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. I played single player and online, and every time it was a party. I remember that I won many races back in the nineties, but now. Well, I'm either a bit rusty on racing games, or this type of games have a bit more kick to them nowadays, which I totally like by the way! It was great to play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered; both as a racer, as well as Police, you can have hours and hours of fun alone or together with other players from all over the world. See you on the roads, just keep an eye out for my pink car!

available on:

Criterion Games & Stellar Entertainment & EA
November 6, 2020 (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)
November 13, 2020 (Switch)