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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 24, 2014

I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried Hyrule Warriors at GamesCom 2014. A new game in the Zelda universe with smooth controls and great graphics! Yes, this game definitely kicks Hyrulean ass. So at the time, there was absolutely no question in my mind, I wanted to see and experience more of Nintendoís Hyrule Warriors. And this opportunity has finally arrived!

Let me first state the obvious; Hyrule Warriors is a Nintendo exclusive title. (Wow, is there anyone out there that didnít see that one coming) Of course we all know Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda Series. Legend of Zelda on the NES was my first experience with this series and in my opinion still the best. There, I said it. Yes, I think it was the best part so far.

At first glance Hyrule Warriors seems to be more of a Hack-n-Slash fighting game than a story driven adventure like its predecessors. But as you play through its enormous battles, you'll notice that this game offers you more options and upgrade possibilities then before. Maybe itís a 'best of both worlds' game. On one hand you can fight your way through tons of enemies, on the other this game does have an epic storyline to follow and the upgrade system to match.

When you start the game you can choose between Warrior or Zelda style. This only influences the control scheme and you can change it anytime during the game, so don't worry; you can't go wrong here. You start the game as Link, but during the game youíll meet more playable characters. At the start of every new level, the game tells you which character is the best choice for the upcoming battle. But itís up to you if you want to follow this suggestion or if you feel brave (or stupid) enough to choose otherwise.

During the battles, there is a lot to do. Basically, itís just killing enemies. But one needs tactics, strategy and quick decision making to become a true Hyrule Warrior. Youíll need to conquer keeps and defeat hordes of enemies to leave their defenses in disarray. At the same time you'll have to come to the aid of other members of your team when they're in trouble. Luckily for you thereís a map, so you can decide which part of the battlefield needs your help the most. And if this sounds too easy to you, youíre in luck. Apart from the total annihilation of every enemy ion sight, there's always the collectibles. Hidden throughout the entire game are a 100 golden Skulltulas (a well-known creature to fans of the series). These rare spiders will appear under rocks, behind corners and in other hard-to-reach areas. Their general location will be marked on your map with a large web icon. Once the Gold Skulltula is located and destroyed, you will earn a collectible illustration piece. Don't take too long tracking down these arachnids, they tend to disappear after a set period of time.

At the end of a battle you'll come face to face with some kind of boss creature, and it's your job to defeat it (of course, who else! Do I have to do everything around here?! Yes, you do! ...oh...ok). I was especially happy to see some old "friends" of the series. If you succeed in defeating the enemy and winning a battle, youíll have the opportunity to upgrade your skills and abilities. This was exactly what I was waiting for. In the NES era it was completely normal to earn no extraís whatsoever or grow stronger by completing levels and defeating enemies. Later on, games developed and in almost every game my character grew stronger or could learn new skills. But not our poor Link! While everyone else in the gaming universe leveled to his or her heart's content, Link didn't get anything...not a bloody sausage! Finally, those days are over and every time I reached a new level, my heart skipped a beat and I was filled with joy!

For the real retro addicts, and for anyone else who likes to get the most out of a game, Hyrule Warriors has an adventure mode. In this mode you can complete missions , in the setting of the old NES Legend of Zelda game, in order to collect special items, new characters and special weapons. A very cool feature!

Hyrule Warriors is a great game, a must have for Nintendo and Zelda fans, but basically for anyone who likes to slash his or her way through a whole bunch of foes. And if there are too much enemies for one person you can add a friend in a local coop mode. So options enough to defend yourself from the grave dangers that lurk through Hyrule!

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September 19, 2014