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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on August 4, 2016

Inferno Climber; sounds exciting, donít you think? This survival action RPG by Arc System Works is in its Early Access phase right now. So letís check it out, shall we?

Youíll start this game by choosing your hero. You can choose between all kinds of characters; warriors, mages, arrow specialist and even an innocent prisoner! They all have different amounts of HP, strength, etc. So you can choose whichever character you like best, matching your personal playing style.

Of course, the world is in great danger and itís up to you to restore peace once again. Besides this main goal, each character also has a personal quest to fulfill. For instance, I chose the Young Warrior and learned he grew up in a small town and had a happy childhood. But one day, he finds out his parents are not his real parents! Naturally, you want to find out what happened. So off we go, taking the first few steps that will ultimately lead us on another great adventure.

My first few steps into the world led me straight into the humongous arms of a really big opponent and despite all my effort and bravery, I lost the battle. I was in tears because I really did my best! When you die you can choose between going to Heaven or going to Hell. Being the good girl I am (scouts honor!), I chose Heaven and my battle started all over again. I fought with all my might, but alas, I lost again! This time I chose to go to Hell, where I met a strange, floating creature. He looked a bit scary, but he seemed intent on helping me on my way, so I reluctantly followed him. The creature told me that I had to collect Purgatory Stones. Then, and only then, I would be able to defeat the mighty evil opponent, who kicked my ass twice up till now.

After this piece of invaluable information, itís time for my tutorial, which explains all the basics of the game. I can walk, run, jump, attack, shield, pick up items; so, in short, I learn every ability a real hero needs to make it in this dangerous world. Considering this game is still in Early Access phase, it works very well and the controls are really smooth. The overall game reminded me a little of Legend of Zelda (NES version), but in 3D.

After the tutorial, youíll end up in your Base Mountain, from where you can choose which step to take next. There is also a stash and a trial dungeon for the brave ones among us. If you somehow die during your adventure you will return to your base and start your quest all over again. But with a different hero. So the stuff you didnít store in your stash will be gone. But there is a possibility to revive your fallen hero, if you have a sort of contract. I didnít have one during my adventures, so I canít tell you what happens, when you revive you fallen hero. I suppose youíll get your stuff back, or you can choose to play as your previously dead hero the next time you die.

Inferno Climber definitely has the potential to be a great game for fans of action RPGís. And, as Iíve said earlier, considering itís still in Early Access, the game works surprisingly well. All in all, Inferno Climber is really a game to keep your eye on!

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