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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 22, 2017

Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever felt like you had no clue what you have to do and the environment is more scarier then in your worst nightmares? Prepare yourself for this very uncomfortable feeling, if you're brave enough to play Inner Chains!

Telepaths Tree, developer of this brand new game, aimed to put players in a world that constantly hunts them. They literally throw you in a dark and mysterious world and give hardly any clues, just enough to survive. But on the other hand, they also created a world that provides you with more than one way to reach your goal. So let's take a better look, shall we?

When I started my Inner Chains adventure, I found myself in a cemetery-like environment and I noticed that I had an orange glowing bracelet on my arm. No clue what to do with that or where I had to go, I started looking around and then I saw a humanlike creature walking by, so I decided to follow him (at a safe distance). As it turns out, that was one my brighter ideas, because I watched the poor guy getting killed by a carnivorous plant. Not to self; beware of the plants. By following these creatures and see how they get killed by plants, I learn how to stay alive in this dangerous world. It appears to me the human like creatures walking around in this world (I honestly don't know if they're lost souls or zombies, or something else. I will refer to them as Souls for this review) are not attacking me, so that's a good thing, right?

After a while, I found where I was supposed to go and took part in some kind of ritual, together with a few other people. The poor man before me in line is proven to not be worthy of receiving what the hell it is we're about to receive, because he is rejected and dragged off to a place he clearly does not want to go to. (or maybe he was screaming of joy?) Anyway, I came prepared. I picked up a blue object earlier and apparently that's something the priest in front of me really likes. So, I get a drink! Alas, like so many times when you accept a drink from a complete stranger, it turns out not to be a healthy drink, because it instantly gives me bad dreams. After waking up, the world is even darker than it ever was and now the Souls do attack me. Blast, I thought this was going to be an easy game!

At the start of the game I only had my bare hands to defend myself with but, lucky for me, I quickly found some really nifty weapons. And is it just me, or do these weapons look alive? The first weapon I found emitted some kind of electrical bursts; it stuns floral enemies and finishes off the Souls. Later on you'll find other weapons. They all need ammo, but instead of carrying ammo around, you'll need to charge them at stations. But there is a catch. The electric weapon is blue, so you can only charge it at a blue station. Other weapons have different colors and that means different charge stations. There's also a big plus to this system; no reloading! Incidentally, your health can be restored by all these stations, no matter what color they are.

The constant eerie music in the background, mixed with the heavy breathing from the game's protagonist, definitely helps to make Inner Chains a thrilling experience. The graphics are very beautiful and really manage to breathe life (and death) into this dangerous and mysterious world. The fact that you have no clue what's going on, only makes the entire experience that more exciting! I can only say that the developer have succeeded in making this hell on earth look exceptionally good! The only minor flaw I came across was that my electric burst weapon would sometimes refuse to stop firing until I hit the melee button. Aside from this being a minor flaw, the development team have already announced a number of upcoming improvements which are aimed at making the Inner Chains experience even better, so I'm not worried about anything.

Inner Chains is a beautifully created game, which offers you a horror adventure, filled with mysteries that you will have to unravel yourself. You might be able to pick up a scroll containing clues from time to time, but the writing on said scrolls is in an not any understandable language I ever heard of. The drawings on the scroll might give you some information to help you. And if you're the kind of player who wants to check every corner, passage and room, man you're up for a challenge! In Inner Chains, there are more than one way to reach your goal. This also helps to create that feeling of being lost in a mysterious world that the developers were aiming for!

I can only say that I truly enjoyed playing Inner Chains! I just love how this world is designed and built. You will constantly have to be on your guard. You might be able to hear the Souls that are about to attack you, but your floral enemies are going to surprise you most of the time. There are ways to discover their presence, but if you have a couple of crazy enemies running after you, aiming to cut off your head, you're probably not going to pay much attention to the environment while you run for your life. And yet, you definitely should.

So, if you're up for a challenge, are not afraid to figure things out for yourself and love a mystical and dangerous world, filled with biochemical dangers and dangerous individuals, Inner Chains is definitely your cup of tea!

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May 18, 2017