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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 17, 2018

Fruits are good for you, right? Well, to be honest, my opinion on fruits has drastically changed over the last few days. I think they're tough, smart and a bit dangerous from time to time. Wondering why I feel this way? Just keep reading and you will find out.

Let me introduce you to Juicy Realm, a brand new game by SpaceCan, an independent developer team, consisting of two friends : Tyreal, an app developer/programmer, and Bibo X, a comic strip artist who once won the OACC (Golden Dragon Award Original Animation & Comic Competition) in China. In the world of Juicy Realm, plants have evolved and are trying to make their way to the top of the food chain. And, of course, we humans can't have that, now can we?

You can play this game alone (solo) or with a friend (duo). Which way you prefer to play doesn't affect the game, you play the same story, just with or without a friend. You can choose between four characters: a fast and strong Ninja, a clever Botanist, a cute looking Boxer or a ruthless Mercenary. Each character has his own specifics and a suitable primary weapon. During the game, you can find other weapons which will be added to your arsenal as your secondary weapon. You can exchange your secondary weapon for another, but your primary weapon always stays the same. So be sure to choose the character that best suits your personal playing style.

Now, never judge a book by its cover, or in this case a game by its trailer. Juicy Realms may look like simple game, but let me tell you, it is anything but. To get anywhere in Juicy Realm, you'll need a tactical approach. If you enter the battlefield all guns blazing, you'll probably spend all your HP in no time flat. It's better to take your time and use objects in the game world as cover. Also, enemies will not notice you right away, but when you get closer to them, they will start to attack you, so use this to your advantage.

Although I had fun playing this game it was also a tough nut to crack. It was hard to reach the first boss, even on the easy difficulty. So, if there's something strange and it don't look good, who you going to call? Ghostbusters! But, since they weren't available at the moment, I got the next best thing; my husband and crewmember Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams! Ladies and gentlemen, if you really want to juice things up, ask a friend to join your game!

I'm a bit clueless about the items you'll find along the way. I can't pick up all the items that I find and I'm not sure why. Maybe it depends on the character you play, or that you possibly don't need that item at the moment. I was a pity to leave an item behind, when you have no bullets left for your gun and only 3 HP, just before entering the next area. There is probably a very a good reason for that, but I haven't found it yet.

I love the paper sketch characters, the colorful environments most brilliant soundtrack you will ever hear! There are also many dandelions growing all over the battlefield which will pop if you walk over them. I just love little details like that! If you die before killing the boss of the level, you'll have to start over again. The areas and levels a randomly generated, so this means you'll never enter the same area twice. Even the weather can change, how about that?!

Playing Juicy Realm was quite fun. It offers more than enough levels for you (and your friend) to play through and the style of the game is funny. Juicy Realm is a game, filled with surprises and challenges and it will test your twin-stick shooter abilities to the max, for sure!

available on:

Juicy Realm
May 3, 2018 (PC)
August 2018 (PS4 & Switch)