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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 14, 2019

In 2011, I was so blown away by Kirby's Epic Yarn on the Nintendo Wii (Remember, that console where you had to move around a lot?). The game looked so beautiful with all the colors and everything in the world was made of yarn and various fabrics. Plus, the story was totally awesome! So, finding out that this awesome game was going to be available for my trusty Nintendo 3DS, was the best news!

But don't expect "just" the same game! Of course, Nintendo put a lot of effort into creating more awesome content for you. Yes, it has the same content as the original Wii release, but also includes new power-ups, new modes, and new sub-games starring Meta Knight and King Dedede as playable characters. So it's as much fun as the original game was, and even more!

Time for a quick recap; On one fine day, our beloved Kirby is out for a walk and starts to feel a bit peckish; hungry even. Luckily, he discovers a bush bearing one of the tomatoes he likes so much. But, just as luck would have it, the moment he wants to take a bite, he discovers that this is no ordinary tomato, but a bewitched one. The tomato is made out of yarn by the evil sorcerer Yin Yarn. But Kirby, urged by the rumbly in his tumbly, eats the tomato anyway, after which he is magically transported to a place called Patch Land. Prince Fluff, the ruler of this yarn-made world, is more than happy to see Kirby, and tells the tale about how his land is torn apart by the same evil sorcerer that bewitched Kirby's tomato. Of course, this will not stand, so together with Prince Fluff, Kirby will be on his way, unraveling this mystery and freeing Patch Land of Yin Yarn's evil spell. And, hopefully, find the way home!

One of the most outstanding features of this game were Kirby's Ravel Abilities. He could transform to a car to continue his way with more speed or transform to a big weight to crush items. In this 3DS version we have six new Ravel Abilities and you will easily recognize them, because you'll need to wear a hat to use them. The first that crossed my path was a hat with all kinds of yarn and when I used it, I discovered that with this hat I can create balls of yarn at any moment. And even better, I can use it to roll up an enemy into a big ball of yarn. I also like the new whirlwind ability; it makes Kirby float a little, twirl him around so he can bash enemies and suck up gems and other items. Plus, it looks super cute!

Next stop: Devilish Mode! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I know this doesn't sound cute and cuddly at all, but this new Kirby game has a Devilish Mode. What will it be? Flaming fires, demonic creatures, hell fires of doom and destruction? Well, okay, it's not that scary and dangerous. Like Kirby himself, it's fun! You have to outsmart a little devil, who floats in the air and throws things at you while you try to complete the level. So, evade all the obstacles he flings your way and try to keep your special health bar as high as possible. Completing these levels will reward you with new furniture for your apartment!

So the main story, as well as the new abilities and Devilish mode are excellent, but how about the other two game modes, I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you about those right now. Let's start with Dedede Gogogo! The main goal here is to collect Fuse Beads as you rumble and stumble your way to the goal. Dedede can run, dash, jump, slide and perform his very own Dedede swing. This mode is highly entertaining; it is guaranteed to make you laugh, and it is hard as hell to complete it on a high ranking!

The second extra game is called Slash and Bead, and the main role is for no one less then well known Meta Knight. He's awesome, he's fearsome, he's the best partner in crime when it comes to slashing enemies! So, the goal is, once again, to collect as many beads as you possibly can but, this time, instead of running you'll be flying around and slashing the hell out of anything that moves. Brutal force is (apparently) more my style, so in my opinion, these levels are easier to complete than the ones I had to make my way through in King Dedede's game. But both games are actually equally fun, highly entertaining and a great addition to a already awesome game. Both games truly help make this Kirby game worthy of the title "Extra Epic"!

I'm a big fan of the Kirby game series and Kirby's Epic Yarn was definitely one of my favorites. It was so awesome to enjoy this adventure again and with even more modes and items. This adventure works really smoothly on the Nintendo 3DS. So, if you never had the change playing this title on your Nintendo Wii or you never even owned that system, OR if you're just looking for an excellent game for your Nintendo 3DS, don't hesitate and look no further; Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is the game you've been waiting for!

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March 8, 2019