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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 19, 2018

Who is a big Kirby fan? I am a big Kirby fan! So Friday March 16th couldn't arrive fast enough for me. Why, I hear you ask? Because of the release of Kirby Star Allies of course. I so wanted to play this happy game starring my big, pink friend Kirby.

One of the main reasons I'm such a big fan of the Kirby series, is because the developers manage to come up with something very cute but with amazing new features every time. The most outstanding feature in this game is that you can make friends during the game. Just throw a heart at one of the enemies you're facing and he will become your friend. Or better said: your ally, because this creature will not only follow you, he will also fight by your side. Even some bosses will join your noble quest for friendship!

Every Kirby fan knows that Kirby can copy abilities from almost any enemy. But how cool would it be to have a flaming sword or an electrified whip? In Kirby Star Allies, it is possible to combine powers and weapons. So if you have a sword and another creature in your team has a fire ability, you can combine those two powers create a fire sword! Sounds awesome? Trust me, it is! Beside the so called copy powers you can use and combine, the developers really carry the proverb "Standing strong together". At certain points during the game, it's possible to perform a Friend Action. Creating a bridge so someone can cross, or form a circle and roll your way through obstacles and enemies. My favorite is the train. It's the same idea as the circle in that you can bash everyone and anything out of your way, but as a train your tracks can also take you up or down! Get ready for some fast paced action!

When you're exploring the world map you will notice that there are extra stages or buildings on there. You can unlock these while playing the main stages. Just find the big pink switches and jump on them. But these switches are well hidden, so make sure you don't miss out on them. The more stages you unlock, the more chance you have to collect all the puzzle pieces to recreate the photo's of this game. Besides puzzle pieces, there are also the well known point stars to collect. For every 100 stars you collect, you'll get an extra life. But I must say, I didn't use that many lives during my time in the magical world of Kirby Star Allies. I didn't die that much and I think a big reason for that is because of the allies. They will fight among your side and they are very self-reliant. Every now and then they need a hug, so their health is restored without draining it from you. And if you have Amiibo's of the Kirby series, you can also restore their HP by using the Amiibo's.

With every release of a new Kirby game, I'm always looking forward to see what new game mechanics the developers came up with this time. One of my favorites in Kirby Star Allies is definitely the Artist Kirby. He looks so cute with his tiny paintbrush and this ability to paint and create healing items is very useful. In some stages you'll need to be the Artist Kirby, so you can paint the canvasses in that level. Who knows what you might miss if you don't? The Broom Hatter is also very cool, especially when he is sweeping the leaf piles. Ooh, and did I already mention the Plug Kirby? Okay, I think I made my point.

Nintendo is more than excellent when it comes to letting your friends join your game and Kirby Star Allies is no exception to this rule. You can collect up to three allies for your party, which means that three friends can join your game, as long as you have enough Joy-Cons of course. At the start of the game you can also play two more modes with your friends and after you complete the story, two more modes will be added. So besides enjoying the main story there are four more modes to enjoy with your friends! Mini-games all over the place!

I will conclude this review with a message, especially for the developers. Nice trick you pulled after the last boss fight in World 1: Dream Land. You had me there for a couple of seconds! Now back to you, dear readers: If you know what I'm talking about, I would love to hear from you if they had your fooled too. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then get yourself a copy of Kirby Star Allies and find out!

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March 16, 2018