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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on May 19, 2014

In Kirby Triple Deluxe, the game starts with Kirby fast asleep. While in dreamland, Kirby’s house is lifted up into the skies by an strange, giant plant, called the Giant Dreamstalk. Once there, you witness the kidnapping of King Dedede. Of course you’re the only one who is able to rescue the King.

As you climb higher, you’ll discover numerous floating Island attached to the Giant Dreamstalk. Each of these islands contain different stages. Your goal during these stages is to collect Sunstones. With each sunstone you collect, you draw nearer to the Boss Stage and the chance to defeat him. Playing through these stages brings you closer to the evil wizard who kidnapped King Dedede.

I really like Kirby. To me is like Kratos. He’s awesome, powerful, and hard to kill. In other words: the perfect Hero! The powers of Kirby and the associated outfits are the things that make this game especially awesome. In this latest part of the series you’ll recognize some of the more usual powers we’ve already encountered in previous Kirby games. Aside from these well known abilities, new powers like the Beetle hat are added. It provides you with a helmet with a horn to impale enemies (the horny helmet… Munchkin, anyone?).

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is what you might expect from a Kirby game. Happy music, colorful backgrounds and cool abilities. The one feature that really is new is the possibility to travel between the foreground and background of a particular stage. At some points in the game you will find a long pole which extends into the background. Using this pole you can knock out enemies in the background, while Kirby is cheerfully hopping around in the foreground of the stage. Another added feature is a mirror wall in the background, which shows you otherwise invisible enemies and spiked pits in the ground.

Playing this game on your Nintendo 3DS has another cool feature. You can tilt your handheld to the left or right to control the alignment of specific stages. For example, when you tilt your screen, youy tilt a water bowl, which in turn creates a water spill. In turn, this water spill is used to extinguish a fire or water certain plants.

Aside from being a fantastic game, Kirby’s Triple Deluxe also contains tons of extras. You can collect key chains throughout the game. There’s also a cinema which you can unlock to review past cutscenes. And there are two minigames.

The first minigame is Dedede’s Drum Dash. Time your jump on the drum to reach the higher places for coins and bonuspoints. Watch out for flying enemies! Press the A button again at the peak of your jump to go even higher and explore the high sky. A nice agility game which challenges you to the top.

The second minigame is called Kirby Fighters. You can play this game by yourself or multiplayer, so you can compete against your friends. You can choose between difficulties and select your favorite Kirby power. Levels become more difficult because of extra characters. They attack randomly, so they can either help you or destroy you. It’s a battle-game like Tekken, fight till you die or become a legend.

It’s a visually great game, especially for a handheld. It’s everything fans have come to expect and more, so they will not be disappointed. Apart from this it is also fun for a new generation to meet Kirby for the first time. Kirby is back in pink and I like it.

available on:

HAL Laboratory & Nintendo
May 2, 2014 (North America)
May 16, 2014 (Europe)