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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on September 13, 2017

Remember when the Playstation 4 was just launched? One of the original titles for this, at the time, brand new console was a really fun game called Knack. I had tremendous amounts of fun playing this game, so when I heard about the sequel to Knack, I was so happy! I simply love Knack; he's nice, he's strong and he is awesome. Time to find out what amazing adventures he will face this time!

Knack is a creature made up out of mystical objects called Relics. One large spherical relic is the center of Knack and this center can attract various amount of smaller relics. This is why Knack can be big as a house or tiny like a mouse. He can also attract different types of relics, so ice relics give him the power to freeze things and glass relics make small Knack invisible to lasers.

In this sequel, we join Knack and his friend Lucas, the student of the doctor who created Knack, are on a leisurely Sunday walk together with Lucas' uncle: Ryder. Then, all of a sudden, things go downhill really fast. While visiting an old battleground that dates back to the Crystal Wars, the ancient battle between humankind and the High Goblins, the rusty remains of the High Goblins' robot soldiers that still lie there, start coming to life and attack immediately. After a narrow escape, they report back to the Doctor, who is also dumbfounded by these events.

To help clear things up, our heroes visit an order of monks, founded by the very same man that defeated the High Goblins during the Crystal Wars in the first place: Marius. The current leader of the order, Xander, explains what happened during the ancient battles and has a hunch about where to look for the cause of their current predicament. Knack, Lucas and Ava set off and quickly find a strange relic in some old ruins. The relic seems to be somehow tied to whatever is happening, but our heroes don't quite know what to do with it. And if you find something you don't know what to do with it, you know one thing for sure; until you know what it is and what it does, you don't want it falling in the hands of a bunch of dangerous lunatics that want nothing more than to take over the world. A great moment to introduce Gundahar, King of the Goblins, antagonist of the first Knack game and one of the aforementioned dangerous lunatics that have their sights set on world domination. But, as we will quickly discover, Gundahar is not the only one, who you should keep an eye on.

Let's start by saying that Knack II looks amazing! The environments are great and there are a great many secret passages to discover. Those secret passages usually lead to treasure chests which may contain parts of weapons or gear Knack can use during his adventure, or even certain special relics. As soon as you have collected all the parts of a piece of equipment, you can equip it and use it to your advantage. The finished equipment items have a number of different uses. Take, for example, Scan Glasses. This nifty set of goggles shows you the health bars of enemies, so you'll know how much hits it will take to obliterate them.

Knack II is action 3D platforming game and the fixed cameras will sometimes provide you with an over the shoulder third person perspective, while at other times, they'll switch to the side and provide more af a traditional platforming game point of view. This will come in very handy at times, because there is a lot of jumping to platforms involved in playing Knack II. Although the fixed camera comes in handy most of the time, I must say that at some points it would have been nice to be able to turn the camera the way you wanted it. But then again, 95% of the game the camera works fine, so it's not that big of a deal and never really gets in the way of the fun.

When you're not jumping around from platform to platform, you'll be mostly busy fighting enemies. As you start playing, Knack can either kick or hit enemies. As you make your way through the treacherous environments, you'll receive additional moves, giving you more ways to finish your opponents. You will receive these additional moves from Ava, a member of the Monk clan and faithful student of Xander. Every time a new type of enemy enters the battlefield, you'll find out that he has some kind of new power which makes it especially difficult to defeat. As soon as you manage to defeat the enemy, however, Ava will provide you with a new power, which makes it easier to finish them off. I really like this way of introducing new powers and it certainly makes you very happy with every new move you learn, because you immediately know that you going to need it.

As you progress through Knack II, you'll notice that the developers have added some really cool new features to the game. Quick time events, controlling a tank, flying an airplane; let's just say that the developers didn't hold back when it comes to adding new features. And, this time around, there was definitely more attention paid to creating a worthy coop mode. Knack II offers you a coop mode in which both players will play as Knack; Player one controls the original Knack and player two controls a blue variant, with the same powers and abilities of course. And now that you have two Knacks, you can combines attacks which results in spectacular coop attacks which deals loads more damage.

In short, Knack II is nothing less than an amazing game that plays like any good platform game should. I personally loved the first part, so I was looking forward for a sequel. This sequel is as awesome as the original game and even offers you more to discover, more options and new attacks. Together with a well-written adventure story and a cast of cool and funny characters, Knack II is a more than worthy addition to any Playstation 4 collection.

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SIE Japan Studio & Sony Interactive Entertainment
September 6, 2017 (NA & EU) September 28, 2017 (JP)