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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 20, 2014

If there's something strange, in your neighbourhood
Who ya gonna call?
...Military Drones!

Yes, although this might seem a bit odd, this really is the case in Terrian Saga: KR-17. Itís drones to the rescue when the galaxy is in danger. Everything is going according to plan, except for one drone.

KR-17 is lost and has to fight his way through hordes of enemy robots. Lucky for him he has a nice assortment of weapons at his disposal, such as grenades, lasers and a flame thrower. And letís not forget his cute looking sidekick J1M, sentient guided missile.

Terrian Saga: KR-17 is a side-scrolling action platformer, which brings back memories of the old days. The pixels, the 16-bit sounds and the difficulty levels, I love it when a plan comes together. The developers at Wonderfling did a great job bringing back memories and making it work.

One of things that makes Terrian Saga work so well, are the in-game savepoints. If you somehow fail, and you will at some point, you wonít have to redo the entire level, but you simply go back to your last savepoint. So use them as much as you can.

The controls of this game are great, whether you play with keyboard or controller. They are not really complex, but you do have more options than just shooting and jumping. Sometimes a situation calls for a well-aimed missile. Thatís where your sidekick comes into view. Besides giving you advice or hints, he can also be fired. As soon as you fire J1M, you immediately have control over him. Send him through labyrinths to help KR-17. This can be tricky because you only decide the direction, not the speed. So be quick or be dead.

Thereís a long way ahead of you, there are 65 boards, 9 themes and 8 bosses to go. But in this setting, with this soundtrack and these graphics, playing through it all is definitely not a punishment. You have to keep your eyes peeled at all times, because although this game might be a side-scrolling platformer, it's not, strictly speaking, limited to just going left or right. See, I knew that jetpack would come in handy at some point!

Everyone who likes a good challenge, action platformers or just want to relive the 80ís and 90ís, should try KR-17.

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Wonderfling / Digital Tribe Games
July 9, 2014