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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on February 15, 2017

This month, Little Big Planet 3 is one of the free PS Plus games. I was so excited about that, because I have never played this game before, although I can't exactly remember why.... I just didn't. But every time I saw it in the store I thought: "I should give it a try", but for some reason I didn't. Seeing as how I can play it for free now, I seem to be all out of excuses, so let's go!

The story of Little Big Planet 3 is a classic tale about good versus evil. At the start of the game you'll meet a character named Newton (yes, that one). He's kind enough to go through the tutorial with you and shows you every basic technique there is to know. Kind of him, right? Then he takes you to an evil looking castle. And you won't believe it, but Sack Boy is tricked by Newton into setting free three evil Titans. Newton's mother is not so pleased with this either, so now it's up to you to stop Newton and the evil titans from destroying the beautiful lands of Bunkum.

Newton and the Evil Titans, sounds like a pretty cool band name, doesn't it? Damn, how do I come up with this stuff? And what more genius ideas are swimming around in my brain? I should share all my great ideas with the world, that's what I should do! This brings me to another great feature of Little Big Planet 3. Players can create their own levels, characters, vehicles, decorations and much, much more and share it with other players from around the world! It can be a bit tricky, but you get used to it quickly and you will be building the most marvelous things in no time flat.

Anything that you come up with, you can build in Little Big Planet. And the customization possibilities of the main character Sack Boy are endless. You can design a look completely by yourself or use one of the looks of famous game/movie legends like Nathan Drake, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and even Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen, which are sold separately in the PS store.

Little Big Planet 3 lets you explore a vast and enchanting world, where great adventures await you and which is filled with dozens of funny characters to meet. Armed with your gear and weapons, you can manipulate to world around you to solve puzzles and continue on your quest to stop Newton. Another fun thing about the world of Little Big Planet 3 is the fact that it is absolutely stuffed with...eehm...stuff... for you to collect! During your adventure, you can find stickers, gadgets, materials to create your own awesome look, along with key items which you'll need to progress through the story.

The game looks really cute because of all the yarn, paper and stickers that are used to make up the world out of. I love it when a game has that look, it works really well. And after seeing the introduction video, it's clear to me that there is more than just playing a story. It's about creating things and sharing them with the rest of the world.

If you're ready to have a great adventure and like to have all kinds of fun while playing both the story mode as well as the creation mode, Little Big Planet 3 really is the game for you. Your imagination is the only limit there is. So play, create, share and play some more; Little Big Planet 3 has it all!

available on:

Sumo Digital & Sony
November 18, 2014 (NA)
November 26, 2014 (AU & EU)
November 28, 2014 (UK)
December 4, 2014 (JP)