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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on March 15, 2017

We all know LEGO from our youth. Who didn't play with LEGO bricks (or stepped on one from time to time?) as a kid to build cars, buildings and more? LEGO has always been smart when it comes to marketing their product and linking it to modern popular themes. Even the path to the world of computer gaming has proven over and over again to hold no problems whatsoever for them!

The stories and worlds of Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, The Hobbit and Jurassic Park were beautifully crafted from those tiny plastic bricks that we know so well. The games contained a lot of humor and everything was built up in that particular LEGO style, we all know and love. Then, as a young woman of thirty something, I found myself sitting on the couch and building stuff with actual LEGO Bricks because I so wanted to play LEGO Dimensions. And now, it's time for a new member of the LEGO game family to make its grand entrance! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may I present: LEGO Worlds.

LEGO Worlds is a building game, so it's no surprise that many of us compare it to games like Minecraft. Now, I do have to confess that Minecraft just couldn't hold my attention. Sure, it's a big open world for you to discover and change as you see fit, but it was just too open for me. I like a story, a goal, especially at the beginning of a game. And boy oh boy, LEGO Worlds offered me everything I needed!

The game starts with me, flying a rocket through space. Before I knew it, I got hit by a meteorite and start falling down with enormous speed. Eventually, I manage to land (read: crash) my trusty rocket on a world called Pirate Playground, where I learn about the basics of LEGO Worlds. Quickly after that, I get my hands on a device called the Discovery Tool, which I can use to scan the world around me and collect creatures, outfits, vehicles, objects and blueprints. Since my space rocket is not in its finest shape after our "landing", my first assignment is to collect three golden bricks that I'll have to use to fix it.

There are several characters living in the Pirate Playground and they can all really use my help. I meet a lady who likes to have some animals on her farm. So it's up to me to collect five chickens and three cows for her. That's where my Discovery Tool comes in. I scan the needed animals and copy them as I arrive back at the farm. Yay! My first Golden Brick!

With the Discovery Tool it's possible to build a complete building at once, when you have the blueprint for that particular building. You can find them lying around throughout the different worlds. It's a good idea to thoroughly investigate the worlds you visit. So look around carefully and scan everything you come across, you'll never know what might find. And don't forget the beautiful under water worlds, where you can scan corals and catch fish. To use the objects you find, you'll need to unlock them first. If you scan an object for the second time, you unlock them automatically, or you can unlock them via your menu; choose whatever suits you best.

After repairing your rocket, you're able to travel to other worlds where more tools become available for you to use. For example the Paint tool (do I need to explain its function?) or the Landscape Tool. The Landscape tool can be used to build or remove chunks of ground so you can create mountains or holes and underground tunnels. Every tool you find is introduced by an instruction video that shows you all its possibilities.

Travelling to other worlds isn't hard. Entering your rocket, that's what took me some time to get right. By pushing and holding the Y button (Xbox One) you open your inventory wheel. But to enter your spaceship you simply have to tap the button, but not hold it. The game doesn't quite explain that subtle difference, so it took me a little while to figure that one out.

When you successfully enter your spaceship, the map of the LEGO Worlds Universe is automatically shown. Of course, not all planets are available at the start of the game, you'll need to unlock them first. But you are able to revisit planets you've already been to and explore them some more. It is very wise to revisit planets, especially when you found a new tool. You never know what kind of secrets your new toy might reveal.

After collecting all tools the tutorial is complete and from that moment on what you do next is all up to you. Build, create and design anything you want, the way you want it. I can truly say that everything is possible in LEGO Worlds.

A LEGO game wouldn't be a LEGO game if it didn't feature the well-known hop-in, hop-out multiplayer system. So when your friends come over, it's no reason to stop playing. Just offer them a controller and play together. LEGO Worlds also offers you the possibility to play online. Every time you start up your save game, this opportunity will be offered to you.

The LEGO look and feel is all around you in LEGO Worlds. The whole world is build out of LEGO bricks, together with the good-old game mechanics and elements everyone recognizes from other LEGO games. If I had to point out something about the game that might cause a small issue, it had to be the fact that, sometimes, the AI characters are not the most clever characters on the planet. For example, during one quest I had to rescue a cave man from a hole he fell into. With my Landscape tool I entered to hole and made a tunnel for him. I had to recreate it four or five times, because the cave man couldn't make his way out of my perfectly good tunnel. I, on the other hand, could easily make my way through it, even without climbing or jumping. But eventually he made his way out of the hole and I could continue the game.

Besides that one little issue, I had nothing but fun while playing LEGO Worlds. It truly is a complete game with so many possibilities. The tutorial is very helpful to get to know the basics step by step. Especially for people who haven't played other games in this particular genre before, it is very useful. This game is literally a brilliant piece of work, in which you can create everything you've ever wished for by yourself. At a certain moment you'll take a look at what you've just created and maybe, just maybe, you'll hear a voice in your head, singing: "And I think to myself, What a wonderful world."

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Traveller's Tales & Warner Bros
March 7, 2017