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Life is Strange 2

By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on December 10, 2019

What a journey we've been on for the last 15 months! It started back in September 2018 and now, all this time later, the final episode is finally here. And yes, of course I'm talking about Life is Strange 2 here, people! Now that the final episode has been released we finally get to finish this moving story. And because the complete game also is releases physically, I want to take you on my journey with two special boys, Sean and Daniel.

As already mentioned, this journey started in September 2018, when we got to meet two brothers, Sean and Daniel, as well as their father Esteban. At that point, they have nothing to worry about, except the things every kid or teenager worries about; toy's, school and whether to ask a girl out or not. But their comfortable and easy lives take a wild turn, when something bad happens to their dad and the oldest brother Sean thinks the best option for him and his little brother is to flee and leave everything they know behind. This is the start of an amazing journey and a story about family, trust and love.

Developer Dontnod also used the story of this game to shine some light on certain social issues. The two boys are of Mexican descent and are, more than once, confronted with racism and discrimination because of this. And it doesn't stop there; homosexuality, homelessness, drugs, alcohol, sex and even living in a cult are covered in this game. Now, with that much issues to be dealt with, it's hard to subtly weave so much of the things that are wrong in our society into the story of Sean and Daniel. But then again, if the writers weren't aiming for subtle, they definitely succeeded in bringing their message across. Personally, I must confess that it felt like a bit too much at times but, on the other hand, the issues at hand gave the story more layers and more possibilities and, therefore, made the decision-making element of the game even harder. So yes, I'm absolutely motivated to do at least a second play-through.

During the five episodes of Life is Strange 2, you'll visit the most amazing places with Sean and Daniel. I've been to a cabin in the woods, I've lived with a group of people in the desert and I even worked on a Marijuana farm! Because these boys are on the run, they tend to keep off the beaten path which, in turn, means a lot of trekking through nature. All this beauty surrounding them makes Sean take the time to sketch the environment from time to time. Sketching was one of my favorite things to do during the game, probably because I'm a lousy at drawing things in real-life, so it was fun to feel as a fully-fledged artist for once.

Sorry, what was your question? You want me to tell you what I think was the best episode? Well, that's a tough one. Of course, every episode had its highlights, but I particularly enjoyed the one where Sean and Daniel lived with their grandparents for a while. During this Episode, you'll get more information about their family and they just happened to live next door to Chris, a.k.a. Captain Spirit. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you should get yourself the physical edition of this game, because it contains all episodes of Life is Strange 2, but also the separate episode: The awesome adventures of Captain Spirit. This episode, which centers around a boy called Chris, was really cool and intense and he is a great character. Another thing that made this episode totally epic for me; we went Christmas tree shopping! It can't possibly get any better than that, right?

In this last episode, once again we get more info about the family of Sean and Daniel. Also, this time there are a lot of possibilities to get the two youngsters in more trouble than they already are. The main difference is that Daniel used to be one who wanted to explore and stretch the limits of his special telekinetic powers but after the events of episode four, he is actually a bit more cautious (at least, in my story he is). A very cool aspect of this episode is that you will see "an old friend" of the previous Life is Strange games and if you do a bit of searching, you will discover what happened after you made that specific choice at the end of Life is Strange. For me this was that thing that made this last episode truly excellent!

It was a privilege to play Life is Strange 2. While playing this game I found friends, lost friends and in the end my choices (in which I stayed true to myself, I might add) led me to a surprising ending. One of several possible endings, I'm sure. It was an emotional ride, filled with difficult choices and above all, it was super fun to join Sean and Daniel on their journey to find... well, basically themselves!

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Life is Strange 2
Dontnod & Square Enix
December 3, 2019 (Episode 5 & Physical Editions)