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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on April 7, 2016

It's no secret; I'm a sucker for those cute looking puzzle games, especially when they're available for Nintendo Switch. So, for all the puzzle fans out there as well as for everyone who just loves an adorable character; it's time to tell you about another lovely game gem called Light Fall!

Light Fall is a platform game, set in the mysterious world of Numbra, a land of eternal nights. A dark world where only the strong survive. But in this world there are also tiny creatures called Kamloops, who are trying to get by as best they can. Among this population of Kamloop is a little boy and he stands at the precipice of the greatest adventure of his life and, coincidently, the start of our journey.

The boy will learn some special abilities along the way. At the start of the game, he is only able to jump and grab on to walls, so he can jump even higher. This ability works like a charm, it never felt like it was working too slow or too fast. Later on, the range of the boy's abilities is extended by running and a cube jump. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, instead of a double jump, the developers designed a cube jump. It's very simple. When you hit the jump button twice in a row, a cube will appear. You can use this cube to reach higher places or simply when you need a platform along the way. It's something you may have to get used to for a while, but soon you totally master this move. At least, I did, so I suspect you can too. I wondered why other games hadn't used this kind of double jump before (at least, not that I know of). It's awesome!

These cubes can also be used to block deadly laser beams or can even be used as a projectile weapon. As your abilities grow, so does the number and variety of obstacles in the world. As you progress through the game, you will travel in new areas which, in turn, means new creatures and enemies. In other words; you'll learn cool new tricks and moves, but not just for fun. you're seriously going to need them!

The world of Light Fall is a dark world and light is only used for the eyes of the boy character and the fireflies that show him the way from time to time. I also love the neon colors the developers used to highlight some of the objects in the environments. The world will change as you make your way through the game and every level looks even more beautiful than the previous ones. I especially enjoyed the water levels, where you can't touch the water because you will drown and die. It was challenging to work out where to use your cubes and when you need to use the environment platforms. This gets especially exciting because the danger of lurking enemies is always present!

The developers truly understand the principle of "I'll try it just one more time". There are more than enough checkpoints, so if you die, you just have to replay a small portion of the level. Believe me, I'm not a big fan of endlessly trying over and over again, but every time I died I just laughed and thought: "Oh well! Let's try that again, shall we?" The dividing of the levels into smaller sections by using more than enough checkpoints really makes you want to try and try again!

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Bishop Games
April 26, 2018