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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on January 3, 2018

We're back, or better said; Rachel and Chloe are back! Their "Before the Storm" adventure continues and is about to reach the end. Although it's almost impossible to tell you more about this amazing Life is Strange series without spoiling anything, I will do my very best not to tell you anything that might spoil the game and, in doing so, ruin your fun. So let's go!

The first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm launched at the end of August 2017. Instead of Max Caulfield, you now take the role of her friend, Chloe Price. After playing all three episodes of this second series, I must confess that I like playing Chloe better than I liked playing Max. Don't get me wrong, I like Max. Max is more the "girl next door" type, where Chloe has a lot more attitude. It was an awesome adventure to play these three episodes and get to know more about Chloe's past and why she acts the way she does.

I had so much fun doing all kinds of teenage stuff. Visiting concerts, held in strange places, back talking to grownups (because they never seem to understand you) and spending a lot of time on your looks and style. Sure, Chloe is much more of a bad ass than I ever was, but I think whatever type of teenager you were, you can always relate to at least one part of her story. At some point, you will take part in a school play and everyone knows how nerve-wracking that can be. And Chloe, bad ass or not, feels pretty much the same way about it as I would.

In the first episode you can play a round of Dungeons and Dragons together with some other teenagers at your school. It's amazing how well designed this tiny part of the whole game was. I decided to play, but decided to go for a short round and went straight up for the big boss fight. But my husband Ferry (he is the patient one in our marriage) took the time and spend almost half an hour at this round of Dungeons and Dragons. I'm still amazed that the developers put that much effort in just an optional game. Or does it have a greater purpose? Playing with other kids might influence they way they think about you. Maybe my game would have been different by playing longer? And would it have mattered if you decided not to play at all?

I think it's impressive and mind blowing from time to time how your choices have serious consequences in the Life is Strange series. And, as you might suspect from a game that is all about making choices, sometimes it's really hard to choose what to do. My jaw literally dropped a couple of times; both Max and Chloe have a lot of heavy shit to deal with and both of their stories are really intense. The intensity of the "Before the Storm" season is increased in comparison to the first series, because you already know things from your play through of said first season. And if you didn't, I recommend you play that one first, before entering the second season.

The third and final episode adds even more background information to lives of the family stories of both Rachel and Chloe. I guess all families have their secrets but if there was an award for covering up family secrets, the Amber family definitely would take the cake! So, it's up to Chloe to decide how far she will go to help Rachel unravel the secrets of her family's past.

Deck Nine really did an amazing job when it comes to continuing the story Dontnod Entertainment started. It is the same intuitive and awesome game play, great characters and a beautiful design. If they hadn't told me that Before the Storm was going to be developed by another studio, I would've never known. And the Deck Nine crew thanks the Dontnod people in the credits, so I'm guessing there are no hard feelings there.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is finally complete and I loved every minute of it! I can only hope that the Life is Strange series will continue with another character. I have a couple of ideas for that, so I'll end my review with putting on my most adorable smile and cute puppy eyes, and just subtly try to get some ideas into the heads of the developers and storywriters: Maybe to take the role of Victoria Chase and discover if she really is a mean girl? Or Kate from the first season? Oh, and I also would love to know more about Chloe's mom Joyce, because I think it's such a cool character, don't you think? So, I guess if it was up to me; we would have a lot more examples as to exactly why Life is Strange!

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December 20, 2017 (Episode 3)